Accredited Healing Course

   In this course you will ;

·  Learn how to work safely as a professional          healer.

·  Develop your understanding and practice of      healing techniques in a safe and caring              environment.        

·   Learn with certified healers who have over 30     years experience.

·   Enhance your own personal spiritual journey. 

·    Get support on setting up a professional healing practice.



This fully accredited course will enable you to set up and develop a professional practice providing healing for members of the public. Our accreditation is recognised for insurance purposes.

As part of the course (and included in the course tuition) you will also be able to participate in a wide range of other activities held at Clearly Destiny that will support and develop your healing practice and your own spiritual journey.


100 hours of guided teaching
6 one hour tutorials
Minimum of 16 hours practical work throughout the course

During the first 6 months, students will need 6 clients. Clients may be seen at Clearly Destiny or in another venue.

During the last 6 months, students may find their method of working changes in a variety of ways and if so, may be developed further according to the student’s wishes.

Also, 3 new case studies will be need, plus a continuance of one of the first case studies.  Testimonials will be required by each case study client after each session.



A monthly payment plan is available enabling you to pay £80 monthly by direct debit. A £50 deposit is required. 


This is a one year long course comprising 12 weekend sessions (one a month) starting in September 2017

The weekend sessions run from 10.00am-4.00pm Saturdays and Sundays.

Dates of the weekends are:

16-17 September 2017
14-15 October 2017
18-19 November 2017
16-17 December 2017
20-21 January 2018
17-18 February 2018
17-18 March 2018
14-15 April 2018
19-20 May 2018
16-17 June  2018
14-15 July 2018
18-19 August 2018

Please Note: This course is face-to-face requiring attendance at  Clearly Destiny, 12 Woburn Walk, London WC1H 0JL, for the guided tuition. Practical work can be undertaken either at Clearly Destiny, your own home or your client’s home.


By the end of the guided learning period you will:

·         Have learned and practised 2 modalities of giving healing.

·         Understand the law in relation to holistic therapies.

·         Be able to answer accurately, questions on good practice.

·         Learn how to create and maintain accurate confidential records.

·         Be able to observe healing, using favoured methodologies.

By the end of the practical work period you will have:

·         Established a professional relationship with 3 separate clients and given them healing 4-6 times.

·         Maintained accurate confidential continuing records.

·         Obtained testimonials from these clients.

·         Explored further another modality of giving healing.



Continuous through record keeping, case studies, observations, questions, written work, practical sessions of healing.


As part of the course there will be an opportunity for students to participate in other activities at Clearly Destiny which may be beneficial to, or enhance your skills as a healer e.g. mindful meditation, breathing techniques, meeting your higher self, advanced protection.

It is recommended that students take part in other forms of healing to expand their experience as healers, e.g. Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Angelic Reiki etc.

These are available at Clearly Destiny as separate courses.

It is important that trainee healers are physically and mentally healthy themselves, and if necessary seek the support of a counsellor, as some personal issues may be brought to light during the course.  Students should also not partake in recreational drugs, or excessive levels of alcohol, as a participant on the course. Any student found to have kept this information from the course organisers, will result in their expulsion from the course.