This is a First Time Event at Clearly Destiny. The gifts of Physical Medium Jo Bradley are combined with Tracey Hood's Clairvoyance.

 Jo has been aware of Spirit since the age of 4, hearing and seeing them, she chose to do little with her gift until she reached her thirties, when life took a turn she was not expecting. She turned towards her spirituality to understand circumstances. After attending a course at the College of Psychic Studies it was recognised that she was a Physical Medium. She also became aware of a well known Physical Medium of a bygone era DD Home, who’s portrait hangs on the wall at the college

Jo Bradley 2.jpg

After 7 years of tracing her family tree she discovered that DD Home was an ancestor of hers.

She has co-written 2 books to pass on some of the experiences she and others witnessed through physical mediumship and how she developed as a physical medium. 


Born into a Spiritually aware family, Tracey was familiar with the Spirit world from a young age. Having experiences, but not necessarily realising what they meant.  After dipping in and out of development through her 20’s and 30’s she knew there was a job she should be doing.  It wasn’t until her Mother passed that she was told she should be working for Spirit.

After developing her Psychic skills and Mental Mediumship she moved into Trance Mediumship and then Physical Mediumship.

As she looks over her life to date, she can see how Spirit have engineered her pathway to be in the place they want her to be.