Series: ongoing educational opportunties

See Events for dates. Please note that reservations and a deposit are required one week in advance of start.

Spiritual Healing

This certificated course has been created and insured by the Corinthian Church and Healing Association.   The Code of Conduct is essential knowledge in becoming a healer as is the practical work.  Being a clear channel for Spirit is also essential so it is important to work in harmony with your healing group and also be in harmony with yourself.  There is no requirement to be a medium to become a healer and you do not need to attend the Corinthian Church.

The initial cost for student healers is £40.  This includes membership, insurance, student healer card, healing manual and the Code of Conduct.   We meet regularly to work through the Code of Conduct, meditate and blend our energies with our healing guides.  There is a nominal charge of £5 for the meetings.  You will need to find 3 people to give healing to and maintain accurate client records for them.   The course is usually no more than 9 months.  On completion of the course you will upgrade to a full healer at a cost of £10 for your certificate.


Reading with Tarot Cards

You will learn the meanings of the 72 cards within the Rider Waite deck, using the Major and Minor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Arcana. Once you have the knowledge, you will create simple layouts and be able to connect the cards to the energy of the client to give a meaningful reading .

Course Content:

  • Explanation of Major Arcana
  • Explanation of Minor Arcana
  • Two card readings
  • Using your intuition, Spirit and Angelic connections within the reading
  • Layouts
  • Remote readings
  • Readings for clients