Clearly Destiny’s Accredited Healing Course

In Conjunction with the Corinthian Church and Healing Association

This is a 9 month course that meets once a month on a Saturday and Sunday. The course is aimed at people who are willing to expand their capabilities to embrace a wider range of healing energies and to heal on a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional level.



· Membership, insurance and healing manual with the Corinthian Church and Healing Association, Primrose Hall, 15A London Road, Hailsham, West Sussex

·         Folder, Journal Book, Handouts, Elements of Anatomy and Physiology.

·         Attunement to the Angelic and Elemental healing energies.

·         Lots of practical healing activities and visits to sacred places to do healing.

·         Introduction to healing and guiding energies and experiencing other healing modalities.

Supervisor Session:  group and individual sessions.

Tutorials:   2 planned sessions during the course, others on an ad hoc basis.

Assessment of Competence: written work and practical activities.


Course Completion: Students receive certificate on completion of the following:

·         Attendance at all sessions.

·         Two projects. (Earth/Nature)

·         Distant healing sessions x 3.

·         Healing sessions for 3 clients x 3 each. (Angelic)

·         Testimonials from three clients.


Cost £500. Non refundable deposit of £100 payable before the commencement of the course. Two separate payments of £175 payable in October 2019 and January 2020

Tutor: Lindsley Cash is a certificated Spiritual Healer Teacher, Reiki Level 1/2 Healer, is attuned to Arcturian healing energy, Light Language and does Mindful Meditation.  She facilitates mediumship development in Channelling. She is a Channelling Medium allowing many different energies to speak through her who wish to bring forward spirit philosophy. 


Tutor: Ann-Marie Spittle is a certificated Angelic Reiki Master, Atlantean Healing Master, Crystal Healer, and an Energy Healer working with Spiritual, Angelic, Elemental and Inter-dimensional energies. She is also a Trance Medium and works closely with Archangels and Ascended Masters, and attunes people to the Violet Flame and other protective energies. Ann Marie also removes attachments and clears homes and work spaces.