Council of Light Communication

Saturday 30th March 2019

                The Council of Light wish to communicate to you certain information that will be helpful in not just the coming days but the coming months.  As you know, the energy of this planet is evolving and changing and that certain beings will need to be removed, shall we say.  But what we must explain to you is that it is not of your worry. 


For the activation that is happening at this moment is not just for star beings and not just for different celestial beings who have chosen to be incarnated at this time to help with the ascension, but also other beings that you have never fathomed in all your incarnations. Beings, as you have been told, are coming from other universes to help with the ascension of this planet and this universe because that is their speciality. 


Saturday 4th May 2019

 We greet you.  We are the Council of Light.   We are from many different realms. We practice providing advice to all of the very many species that exist in all of the different universes that exist as well. Humanity is being permitted to remain on the surface of the planet as the planet ascends to the fifth dimension. Never before has this occurred. So it is important that the species of humanity understands it must increase its vibration, expand itself dimensionally in order to ascend with the planet.


There are many star beings amongst you.  All of whom volunteered to come and have a human life time experience in order to be of service to the Divine and to humanity as well. They are showing the way forward.  But it is the responsibility of each individual to be expanding their energy, changing their thought patterns to what was, to what could be, in order to ascend. 

 (new communicator)      I greet you. I too am from the Council of Light. I do a lot of organising, bringing those volunteers to a place where they can learn and understand the purpose of their incarnation into humanoid in order to be present on the planet and show the way to behave and to enlighten.  There were many volunteers.  This planet is a most exciting place for a short life time experience. On all other planets that are in the fifth dimension and higher, the life time expanse runs to hundred and even thousands of years.  So to take time out of those long lifetimes to have a short experience on this planet, is taken up by many. 



Council of Light Blog (2)

20th August 2019 Council of Light Communication

Good evening.   We are strengthening our position here within your presence.  For we wish for you all to triangulate your energies to help us in our endeavours as we come close to you and your energies. 

 We are part of what you refer to as the Council of Light.  We are a different faction to those who have communicated before.  We have one archangel at our head who communicates regularly to you and we have other spirit elders as you wish to call them, although there is no class system within your spirit realm, you understand?

 The vibrations within your world is changing and will take a sudden dip in the coming weeks so at this point we wish for you all to hold your energies close to you so that you can over ride any bumps that come your way.  There will be some of your world, consequences also happening which we wish for you to hold close to you and trust things are going to follow through as should be.  We will be leaving your energy now and we say good evening.


How to triangulate your energy?

 When you triangulate your energies it is so all light workers are aware of each other so they can provide a network of energetic support during times of great tribulation.  There will be certain events occurring over a short period of time. Know that you must stay grounded, on the energy of the Divine, and know that all is occurring to clear the energies of the earth and humanity for the next stage is ascension.


The support system we spoke of earlier is a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted energetic merkeba of the light worker vibration and has been activated to ensure you have this energetic support system in place to ensure you are not affected by the energy that will soon be entering this world to cause this process.


We would warn you that once again human reactions will in some cases by excessive, and that you are to disconnect from that drama back to the protection of the light worker merkeba. Due to this Archangel Michael and those who are part of his team will be more prominent in the world and your establishment due to the need for the reinforcing of this group merkeba. 


Again, please do not be drawn into others dramas for your role is to keep the energy of the planet in the 4 to 5 dimension by grounding the Divine energy filtered through the group merkeba. Be well. Be blessed.


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2 – 7th September 2019

There are things that we wish to communicate to a wider audience. We are not setting an agenda on who the communicators will be or what it is they will say.  It will be a work in progress from subject to subject.  We will tell you when it is complete and then you take it to where it needs to go in order to be created in the form that people will touch.


(new communicator)      Breaking news we want to say.  Your country is on a precipice – maybe not the right word – edge doesn’t sound so dramatic.  On the edge of revolution, evolution.  Well, we are in conversation with certain energies.  There is a small select group of energies that gather together several times in your week and we discuss.  They put forward certain questions and we try to answer the questions, but you can never be absolutely sure what the answer is going to be until the fulness of time occurs. 


Human nature is very unpredictable. Extremely unpredictable.  They make decisions on whims.  Very few make decisions on logical thought.  So that is why you are on the edge.  It is those that operate on whim that are the energies that will either raise your country up or cause it to fall.  No different in other countries unless, of course, they are told how they must behave and how they must live.  No whims allowed there.  So the energies there that are not in agreement with government act subversively undermining wherever they can in their own little way the life style that is imposed upon them by authorative figures. 


So there is no harmony in some places across the world.  But then there is harmony in areas within countries.  The harmony pockets need to be linked together and the energy of that harmony expanded so that it reaches individuals in other parts of their country and touches them on a physical level, a cellular level, a heart level, a mental level and a spiritual level and causes them to be influenced to change their thinking patterns, their way of living and to be more at peace with themselves.  It isn’t easy.  We understand that because there are those charismatic individuals who lead and have the ability to sway, with words, those who are indecisive in their thoughts or actions, one way or the other.   It is a difficult time for your world.  I will stand back.