Description of available readings

Angelic Reading

With Liesl or Kristin

Practical information is lovingly yet firmly shared by one's own guardian angels as well as Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Recommended for people seeking information or confirmation around health, relationships, career, life's purpose and spirituality.


Astrological Reading

With Adam

Information ascertained from celestial bodies in order to better understand one's past, present and future life experiences.

Recommended for anyone seeking a holistic view of the "bigger picture" of their life.



With Katrina

The medium will channel the sitter's guide and other Spiritual energy that wished to give them information on their Spirituality and the life time they are engaged in. The Sitter's Higher Self may also be introduced to them so that they can continue the dialogue with this personal encyclopedic energy.

Recommended for those who know they are on a journey of a lifetime and want to remain focussed on this experience, and to be able to have a dialogue with their higher selves for guidance. 



With Larry

Using the sense of sight, a medium will link to loved ones in Spirit to bring forth messages of love and healing.

Recommended for anyone interested in mediumship. Communication from a specific person that has passed is not guaranteed.




Energetic disturbances are identified and addressed as appropriate for the circumstances presented. Disturbance may range from the every-day issues of stagnant or negative energy to more esoteric concerns.

Recommended for everyone. Spaces that are cleared, grounded and protected help keep the occupants happy, healthy and productive. Essential for anyone experiencing any overt disturbances in their home or place of work.



With Lez

The medium will draw a likeness of someone in the Spirit world, it may be a family member, a guide or someone connected to the sitter. Information and meaningful messages will be given to the sitter from the Spirit world but not necessarily from the person in the portrait.

Recommended for anyone seeking spiritual healing and tangible evidence of a link to Spirit.



With Tracey

When a business is started its soul is also created. By linking with the soul of the business the medium can ask pertinent questions to find out what practices it likes and dislikes and where it wants to go in the future. Practical information and clear direction to benefit your business.

Recommended for people at a crossroads with their current business model or for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of issues that your business may be experiencing.



With Tracey or Larry

Ancient wisdom, providing meaningful insights to what is happening in your life. It will give you the information about the past, present and future, depending on what cards are presented. A reading with us will never tell you what to do, as often you need to stand in your own light but it may provide clarification on pending decisions.

Recommended for anyone seeking information or clarity to regarding questions you may have that pertain to your life.



With Tracey or Ann-Marie

Reading with a trance medium who works with their collective Spirit team to bring forth spiritual insights. During trance, loved ones in Spirit may step forward to communicate. Every reading is unique and the Sitter must be willing to partake of the reading free from any expectations.

Recommended for anyone wanting to witness powerful connections to Spirit. Suited for people seeking a spiritual experience who are open to any type of positive outcome.

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