Glastonbury Trip Saturday 13th April 2019


8.15am- 6.00pm

We travel by coach at 8.15am to Woodhenge.  At Woodhenge, near Amesbury, we meet ‘The Ancients’ who existed here well before man and only withdrew into another vibration, when it became apparent that man was a user and destroyer of their natural habitat.   We will gather in a circle and set the intention of grounding healing energy to the Henge and allow it to be taken by the Ancients to where it is most needed.


We continue to Glastonbury and climb the Tor and again set the intention to ground healing energy.  We can do this in small groups or individually.  There is also healing to be done at the Chalice Well area.

After that we return to Glastonbury town and feast our eyes on the different New Age shops. You can bring your own lunch or there are many cafes to choose from as well as a Morrisons located at the rear of Our Lady St Mary’s Church in Magdalene Street where our coach is parked.


In Glastonbury there are the ruins of an Abbey where it is said that King Arthur and his wife Guinevere are buried.

The legend of the Holy Grail tells the story of Joseph of Arimathea with the boy Jesus travelling to Glastonbury.  It is said Joseph built the first church in the site of Glastonbury Cathedral. After the crucifixion, it is said that Joseph travelled to Britain with the Holy Grail and arriving on the isle of Avalon, he thrust his staff into the ground which then took root and grew into a strange thorn bush, the sacred Glastonbury Thorn.  He is said to have buried the Holy Grail below the Tor where a spring of water now known as Chalice Well was created.  Its waters are supposed to bring eternal youth.

We arrive back in Woburn Walk at approximately 6.00pm