Lindsley's Guide Dominic speaks

A brief but incredibly timely channelling from Lindsley Cash’s guide Dominic, published here and to mark the milestone of our 600th Tweet:

This is a most auspicious time for humanity. It is a time now of true evolvement, not only for humanity as a whole, but also of individuals. Some of you may have feel you want to make real changes in your lives. Any intention that you set now in the way of making a change in your personal life will come to fruition. In general, what is going on in your world, understand that all things are as they are meant to be, and it is the Divine’s hand that controls everything, not man’s. We give that to you, dear ones, and we say, be at peace.

Ascension Matters: Lindsley Cash channels Shobnam

On Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Clearly Destiny co-owner Lindsley Cash channelled the following from her guide, Shobnam. Your comments are invited; also please note that Lindsley teaches channelling here at Clearly Destiny.

I am Shobnam, I am this medium’s guide.

I am a fifth dimensional energy and I have been working with this medium for some time.  It is the purpose of fifth dimensional energies to help humanity understand and create the capacity within themselves for compassion. In this way, the Ascension of each individual and then all of humanity can ascend together with the planet.

Make no mistake, dear reader, the Ascension is all about the planet and it is the Divine’s wish that the species on the planet can ascend at the same time, but it will take a tremendous amount of work on behalf of humanity to keep up with the planet’s ascension. There are many Star Beings amongst you who are tasked with helping with the Ascension of humanity. They started to come as your New Age people but now it is the third generation who are here.

Archangel Michael speaks

Message from the Archangel Michael

I will speak of the angelic realm. Our friends in the angelic realm draw close to us much of the time and a large number of them are also observing in the channeling classes. 

I am referring particularly to these meetings and I am aware that you are all fully briefed on the angelic realm.  I wanted to make sure of their inclusion on these occasions as they too come to observe what goes on.  For whatever reason, they prefer to remain in the background – other than Archangel Michael.  They come.  They observe.  They bring much kindness to you all and they do all they can to ensure that these events are as successful as they can be.


I am Michael and yes, let me confirm there are many of my brothers and sisters who are present at these events.We come because there is good motive to, and that is to talk with some of your Guides, to be amongst the spirit energies who come as your audience and also because it is an opportunity to see how they too can communicate, can channel through mediums to speak of their gifts, to speak for themselves. 


Channelled Message From George Knottesford Fortescue

Had an interesting reading at Clearly Destiny when I gave one of our very first students a spiritual reading.  This was someone, who although read tarot cards, felt it was time to start fully embracing her psychic and spiritual journey.  Since then she has gone on to become an Angelic Reiki Teacher and healer. I invited spirit to draw close and share something that she might need to know at this time.  A gentleman came forward and said.

“Fortescue is my name.  You won’t know me amongst your friends or family.   I come around you when you are working.   When I was alive I worked as a librarian.  I loved books and read as many as I could. I learned a lot about many different things. I compartmentalised information so that when people came into the library and asked my recommendation of a book that gave information on the subject they were interested in, I was able to direct them to the right part of the library and even to the shelf where the appropriate books would be.   

I am part of your collective and hold the library of information you have collected over many lifetimes.  I have compartmentalised this information and when you are doing your readings or giving healing I give you such information as is necessary from your library.”

It was like a lightbulb moment for my sitter as she recalled saying things to clients and not knowing where the information had come from but at the same time knowing it was accurate.

Fascinated by what this gentleman had said she googled Fortescue and came up with the following information which is abridged considerably, however for further information cut and paste the following link.  The Times/1912/Obituary/George Knottesford Fortescue


We regret to announce the death, which took place on Saturday, of Mr. George Knottesford Fortescue, Keeper of the Printed Books at the British Museum since 1899.

It was the inquiries of readers which suggested to him the compilation of his first subject index which has made the name of Fortescue so widely and honourably known. The primary of the object of the index being to assist readers in the library of the British Museum. The great usefulness of these indexes is acknowledged, not only by readers at the British Museum, but by all who use books of bibliographical reference.

Mr. Fortescue had a high sense of his professional obligations as a librarian, and in a long and honourable career proved himself a useful public servant. He had a wide knowledge of books, and was always most ready to impart that knowledge. A man of sunny good nature and genial disposition, modest and unassuming in manner, he was universally beloved and respected.

Channelled Communication on Dragons

The following is an excerpt from channelled communication that was received on the 6th of January, 2016 at Clearly Destiny.

A-M: We would like to talk to you of the times of dragons.  For many people do not understand that dragons are not physical lizards, as the word would be used, but they are intense elemental energies that mind this world together, as well as the other beings that are asked to use this universe as a stopping point.  They are within your, without you and in your energy field, everywhere. 
Many people have said that they have left, but they have just changed their dimensional being.  Their vibrations have increased to a point where only certain people can see them.  This can be changed by believing that they exist - not as the monster of these stories that people like to tell but they are intense energies that, if misused, can bring destruction.  These energies are very loving but very strong and as with all intense love, they can become overwhelming to actually engulf the person who has called them forward.  Therefore, when you work with dragons you must be prepared for the energy that comes with them.  They are different to many energies that people have used before. 
We have observed with this one, that people treat dragons as if they are going to swallow them whole.  What you must understand is that dragons are very discerning and also get bored very easily.  If someone treats them like great revered god, they will turn their tail and destroy that person because they feel they are boring the pants off them.  This is the way dragons see the world.  They do not like false people or those who try to cover them with glamour or make them out to be monsters.  Anything can be a monster.  Anything can be brought forward in a dark state.  But dragons are something else.  They are everything.  They are a part of everything.  Their energies are of an intensity that can be the ice on the top of a mountain or the centre of the sun. 
Dragons are the true elements of this universe.  Their powers are immeasurable but for a moment they will interact with those who wish to interact with them.  They are not here to destroy.  They are here to rebuild for the world is at a time where it can take that step into a new beginning.  Therefore they are being called forward to rebuild this planet so that it can move into its new dimensional self.  For what better beings help than those who helped to weave the universe itself by stepping forward and helping the earth re-create itself. 
They are also offering to help yourselves, to re-create yourselves.  Each one of you has a dragon.  For each one of you that dragon has a speciality.  What you must realise is that they like you to talk to them.  They like you to interact with them.  They like you to be their friend.  For relationships are stronger if you treat beings as friends.  If you see them as terrifying they will allow you to believe that until you see the truth of the situation.  For intention and belief, will cause them to show you a side that is, they feel, disproportionate to who they really are. 
They are ancient.  They have intense knowledge.  Intense is the world for once you open to flood gates, they will tell you things and not stop unless you keep them under wraps, so to speak.  They love to share their knowledge but many people do not sit and listen to them.  They sit and they want the pot of gold, or the hoard of many nations but they do not want to hear the greatest gift of all - which is the ancient for body building, universal self that they are capable of.  They can create things that you have only dreamt of.  They can bring them into reality in ways that you can only dream of.  But they ask that you push those dreams a little bit further, interact with them a little bit more.  Know that they can create world for you that you know exist. 

4th January 2015 Monday Lunchtime Channelling

Clearly Destiny hosts trance and channelling group sessions every Monday and Wednesday, in which fledging and advanced Mediums receive and share messages from guides and guardians of the Light.

C:              Spirit worked on adjusting her energy and faces flashed visibly, in particular a young girl with straight dark hair.  Energy in front of her shimmered.  Reddish colour built up around the body shape and around the head.   The name of Terrence or Terry came to a circle member.  Through questioning the energy agreed that it was part of medium's collective.  On request the energy moved the medium's head to the left and right and also moved the medium's hands.


D:             We feel the light has built sufficiently and welcome the opportunity to communicate and we bring this light with us into this space.  We did put into the medium's mind to speak about new beginnings at this point in time - a very appropriate time  of the year. But interestingly it ties in neatly with your question.


There are many vested interests in promoting the idea of global warming being something that the human race has developed.  It is a way to keep the population in fear and to raise money and taxes for other purposes, other than those stated.  We would counsel the greatest scepticism. The planet has its own cycles which is why the idea of new beginnings is appropriate to tie in.  This is indeed a new cycle which has been developing rapidly.  There are other influences on the climate of the planet.  There is activity of the sun and the radiation from it.  And there are random elements to do with mathematics of, and physics of, wind circulation, ocean temperature.  Over the life of the planet there have been many occasion where ice ages have oscillated with times of high global temperatures.  This frequently has been to do with volcanic activity and the way it regulates the acquisition of energy from the sun.  We are indeed entering a period of warming which is cyclic but not wholly the responsibility of humans But human governments have taken it upon themselves to make it an issue.  We will see rises in the sea, the submersion of land and major weather pattern changes.  This is to do with the challenging of the human condition through its current complacency.  Those that are aware will feel themselves drawn to places, I say of safety, but merely where the change in climate will not impact on them so severely. 


The human condition has always been like the animal condition from which it originated, to do with survival. Survival teaches many things, both spiritually in the moment and the acquisition of skills for the soul base in the process of cycle or reincarnation.  And so we come back of the new beginnings at the start of this calendar year.  There is a cycle of renewal within the kingdom of life on this planet just as there is a cycle of renewal in the physical condition and the weather patterns of this planet. Once this era of warming has passed there will be another ice age.  Much more severe than the last.  So the human race is the face of challenge. 


There is much movement in the planet among peoples.  Although this does not seem connected to the subject it is to do with renewal.  There is a great act of reincarnation in the Middle Eastern territories.Many of these reincarnations were destroyed during the holocaust.  In their reincarnation back geographically to approximately to where those races would have originated if not those people directly, their ancestors.  They are now being drawn back to their place of destruction in central Europe, specifically Germany where these migrants are trying to find their home, not understanding that previously they had come from Central Europe.   This is also to do with the cycle of new beginnings.  So new beginnings can work in very different mechanisms.  New beginnings need new assessments to stop old patterns.  The challenges for migration of those beings reincarnated from the unnecessary point of destruction is a new beginning and is a complete puzzlement to the authorities and the people.  Unless they understand what is happening they will try to instigate conflict.  Meanwhile the planet continues to change - what was dry will become wet and what was cold will become hot.  The governments have no power to change this.  It is far too big in terms of natural forces but it suits them, the governments, to keep the population in fear, in control, and in debt to them. 

Question:              Will the bigger picture of why the Middle Eastern people are travelling back to their roots ever become known and understood?


We have heard very seldom this reason given for the migration, and of course, such a reasoning does not bear rational in parenthesis with governments or populations but if you hold it in your heart, you can weigh up the truth of this.  Does it ring true or not?  And I don't require the answer but I hold it as something to be considered.


Question:              Regarding the uprising of this new violent religious group in the Middle East, it would appear to be an unsolvable issue, but can it be?


The rise of these groups is to do with the karmic reasons I have stated and the destruction of these beings in terrible circumstances, and in anger and in fear.  The violence of these groups is an expression of anger and fear. 


Question:              Can we overcome it or must it be played out?  


It must be played out sadly and may lead to more destruction and we all pray that the cycle is not yet again repeated in the next incarnation.


Question:              What can we do as humans to help this situation?


To understand the karmic reasons for it, opens a portal to healing.  if a situation is not understood you cannot draw down the energy and give it out.  So understanding and accepting there is a karmic link means that you can draw down healing and prayer into the situation.  It is only a balm on the surface ofwound but it is something.  The prayer should be for the cycle to cease and be put into context and anger to be dispersed.  In human terms it is like a child that has been beaten, bullied and abused may grow up to be the same.  So we are talking about a karmic cycle in exactly the same way.


Question:              Can humans influence the energy of the planet by simply making loving connections with one another?


Yes.  As we may have stated before, because of the origin of all things from the point of singularity, there is a connect as the physical universe expands and evolves, so there is a connection with absolutely everything within this dimension and others.  And the energy of the heart is what can change.  It influences in a small way but then again, we are talking about a collective of a vast, vast, unimaginable collection of elements, souls, energies, dimensions. 


Other souls, other dimensions also have the same intention but sometimes disruption is a path to growth.  it enables us not to be complacent.  Energy constantly changes but the importance of the cycle down through, is important to keep as a mechanism to understand how things filter.  It is a process of filtering.  It filers through the heart in a mysterious way.


 New communicator:


This seems a trite thing to say, but you must keep your diaries up to date.  Because there are things to plan and they are beginning to multiply, therefore to be organised and prepared.  So this is a message of preparation, so we counsel against procrastination.  Do not put off to tomorrow what you can do today.  This year is going to be very busy for all those involved here. 


I would not be surprised if there were media or television cameras involved.


Comment:            We may keep that at arms length as we have not seen a positive portrayal of spirit by the media in the past.  So we will see.


You will be protected and guided in this.


Comment:            We would take counsel from spirit before we allowed anything like that into these premises.


So you should.  These people are slippery but it could work to the advantage of spirit.  Interestingly I see a large ball rolling towards you.  It is very symbolic - it gathers no moss as they say.  So be prepared for rapid things.  It is not going to flatten you.  But you may feel the ground shake before it arrives so there is a slight warning of this.  People of like mind are gathering towards you so there is not a problem.


The dragons are here.  They come in the capacity to protect and to say, 'Here we are, don't mess with us'.


Medium then powerfully breathed out dragon energy several times. 


(Observation:  At one point I saw an extra terrestrial face over yours and when the dragons came I felt you were back in medieval times.   Maybe Merlin?)


C:              Medium's head gently moved up and down and slightly to the sides.  Images flashedacross her face, mostly female. Whenever an observer's attention was brought to the medium's hair there seemed to be a change to the face.


D:             (Observed his features changed to look like Abraham Lincoln which was then confirmed and he agreed to take questions).


Question:              Have you reincarnated since being Abraham Lincoln.


I can't recall if I have been back.


Comment:            Do you see the diversity in American now and seen how it has moved forward since welcoming so many to its land.  There is so much more knowledge now and spiritual awareness.


This is true.  There is more knowledge, more spiritual awareness.  There are people that are working for the light in that country,  Many of them, but they shine a light in the corner and disturb the rats.


Question:              Did you purposefully choose to be president or did circumstances make it so that you could be?


It was sure written in the stars that it was a possibility.   I can't say whether I decided beforehand but it seemed an important thing to do.  It seemed a special path.  So I was aware of that from the off.  And no, I didn't plan to go at that time.  That man was an idiot.


Comment:            So you never got to see the end of the play!


It wasn't a good play anyway.  Just doing my duty.


Question:              The young English medium who sat for you gave you a lot of insights at the time but perhaps circumstances were out of your control, so there was nothing you could do?


I think that is right.  And it should be said that those that formed the early States and formed the Constitution were in touch with spirit and guided by the usual band of Brothers.


Question:              Guided unknowingly?


No, not unknowingly.  They might deny it, but not unknowingly.


Comment:            We are very pleased that at last you have spoken.  We have seen you many times with many of our mediums in this establishment.  We hope you will come again and speak.


Well this was a surprise and you bet it was a surprise for the medium.


D:             Just before you mentioned is name I got an impression of him.  It was extraordinary.

Reflections on a Seance with Tracey Hood: What My Grandfather Shared From Spirit

The following first appeared on

Every Tuesday night for the last year I've sat in a closed physical mediumship circle held at Clearly Destiny in London. The Medium, Tracey Hood, sits in a small enclosed structure known as a cabinet. The circle, a group of people who commit to giving their energy over to the Medium and to Spirit, sit in the dark with hands and feet touching. There is a table in the center of the room that holds an aluminum cone, known as a trumpet. There are strips of glow-in-the-dark material throughout the room. Music is played and the home circle sings along, to raise the vibration in the room.

The intention is that Spirit will use the body and psychic energy of the Medium to produce physical phenomenon. The circle acts as a battery to power the Medium and the hope is that ectoplasm will be produced and objects will levitate or spirits will manifest.

These type of seances were popular during Victorian London, but were soon infiltrated by con-artists. People became skeptical and as a result many attendees challenged what was experienced, often causing physical harm or even the death of the Medium. 

Tracey has been sitting in the cabinet for a few years now and is amongst a select few world-wide who are facilitating phenomena. Due to the infamous past of physical mediumship, modern Mediums have developed a strict set of protocols for the health and safety of the Medium, as well as to establish authenticity of what is experienced during a seance.

Last Spring I was invited to become the Circle Leader. This means that it is my responsibility to keep the Medium safe and that protocols are adhered to. It also means that I sit as an energetic battery, while receiving direction from Tracey's Spirit Team. For the most part, I act as a commentator to the group, acknowledging when loved ones step closer, when there are flashes of light, when there is activity at the table and trumpet.

Tonight's seance herald the evolution of the craft.

As soon as the lights went out I saw black on black shadows begin to gather in the room. The energies stood very close to myself and the cabinet and it begun to feel as though my face was being wrapped in cobwebs. I was "told" that our loved ones were gathering and that each member of the circle had four energies with them.

For the past few months we have enjoyed visits from the father of one of the members of the circle. Tonight I was told that our loved ones were supporting Christine's dad to manifest. To do so, each of us needed to acknowledge the presence of our loved ones. I had a sense of my mother's dad, Buppa, and my father's mother, Granny B. I "asked" that my grandparents make themselves known to me, beyond sensing them. Within moments a wavy violet orb, that floated like a jellyfish, emerged and wafted over to me. As the energy drew close I was shown something like a family album flip book.

Eyes wide open, I saw in my mind's eye a black and white photo of my grandfather as a toddler. He was dressed up for church and was all smiles. The photo seemed to transform into a family movie, with the action sped up. Soon images and vignettes began to play.

Buppa and his older sister selling ice-cream by the road side of the family farm. The little boy rejoicing over the penny payment.

An awkward teenager hunch over his school desk, learning and dreaming about the future.

The prideful young man who cleaned the college in order to finance his education.

The soldier driving along side of the train that carried his future wife, who missed their rendezvous on the eve of their elopement.

The fighter pilot, who during World War II, stole a few moments of joy as he floated in the clouds over beautiful land and water.

The father at Christmas, watching his two sons and daughter opening presents.

The grandfather who carried his first grandchild in his arms, kissed her chubby cheeks and forever kept her heart close to his.

Each vignette was infused with the powerful joy and happiness that my grandfather felt. And as I sobbed quietly in the dark, what my grandfather remembered and shared was that he had lived and he had loved.

I could hear sobs also come from Christine and other members of the circle. I asked them what their loved ones were sharing and for some, it was this family photo experience.

I was struck by how remarkable this demonstration of phenomenon was. Most mediums act as the translator between us and our loved ones. The medium is the one to experience our loved ones, as they bring forth evidence to prove the continuity of life and to deliver messages of love and healing. But tonight, the phenomenon was personal. I felt. I saw.

Tonight the trumpet rose and the table tipped and twirled around the room. And it was amazing. But everything pales to the lifetime that I experienced during the minutes that Buppa's spirit stepped into mine, weaving in evidence and messages of love. 

Love is eternal. It is without dimensions. It is without form. 

Loving my grandfather now, like this, is something I hope that every heart broken by the loss of their loved one's life can experience.


Channelling with the Pathway Collective

The following was channelled communication received on the 28th of September 2015 at Clearly Destiny.

Response to a question on how angels and archangels have come into being:

It is true that angelic energies have incarnated at some point in time and space, which is why they bear resemblance to mankind.  Their energy and vibration is such that they appear to many as orbs of light with colour and, to some, to have the appearance of wings.  It is energy that allows them to move between dimensions and plains— as their energy has a tangible, solid quality to it. 

We each have experiences of the 3rd dimension up to the 12th dimension throughout the cycles of our infinite number of lives.  Part of the stream of a multidimensional reality is so that we may move between the physical realms and energetic realms— being able to choose which we want to experience. We may choose to go back and forth to a physical reality of touch, tastes, smells, sight and hearing, or one that is pure energy, bliss and knowing, however void of the sentimentality of our more human experiences. 

Archangels have had human life times but are not wholly of a human existence.  They are the embodiment of what you understand as the Higher Self.  Embodiment is just a word to explain the containment of force and energy.  These archangels take on a persona and a force of nature as they grow and flourish with the intention to interact with humankind. This amplifies and reverberates the miracles, the comfort and the messages that humans receive from the Divine messengers known as archangels. 

This is to say that the energy of Archangel Michael is comprised of several thousand human experiences, achieved simultaneously across dimensions and plains that then blend for higher consciousness and energy.  That energy then grows and is amplified by the awareness of the energy amongst prophets on the human plain.   That amplified energy takes on a persona as it is named the Archangel Michael energy and shared and taught to people on the human plain.  This energy continues to reverberate and grow, creating a force to be reckoned with, creating the Protector of Humanity and the Legion of Light.  So the energy is a composition of both human experiences, thoughts and energy over an eternity.

 How did each archangel receive the responsibilities they have?

It was the sum of their expertise accumulated over their human incarnations, combined with their natural aptitudes for certain areas of oversight.  Their intelligence and energetic influence expanded, becoming infinite and all seeing.

There are many other archangels beyond what original prophets have described, beyond the original channels of doctrine.  They also take form in other religions though they are not recognisable as angelic energies per se. The energies take on the characteristics of cultures and belief systems but ultimately their ascension and evolutions is of a similar path.

 Response to a request for a name for the communicators.

We are a collective of energies that are also on a path of ascension.  We have incarnated and accumulated wisdom from the spectrum of human experiences and emotions of both light and darkness.  We are like molecules of the Higher Self and in good time shall ascend into a form and energy akin to these archangels that you know of now.  But now is not our time to name ourselves, as we are on the beginning paths of this journey.  We follow in the footsteps to aspire to be more than what we are. To allow our egos to be absorbed and transmuted within the energies that we are accumulating and growing.

Response to share who the Channel is.

We don't want anyone of us to be in the spotlight as it is a distraction. 

Response to question on demons.

To clarify the concept of demons and darkness - the logic of the archangels and demons follows a similar trajectory. It is an accumulation of human experience that then becomes amplified, mystified and altered into shapes and features of nightmares.  This is a key to removing these energies and attachments— to link to their human aspect, long buried, understanding that their humanity is pieces of thousands of experiences. You just need the spark of only one human lifetime to be able to weaken the force of these possessions.  

Their purpose is to teach, but through necessity.  It's to teach through trials and tribulations that ultimately give us an opportunity to expand our consciousness and walk our path at a much quicker rate and much greater capacity, had we not had these experiences. 

We say this to remove the fear so that those who experience dark energies, as either the host or the healer.   Reduce the attachment or possession to a human connection and an experience that is ultimately a transformational lesson.

We will leave you with this.  Each incarnated energy that exists on your plain and dimension is part of these collective energies.  The ascension is to allow physical experiences to exhist parallel to energetic experiences.  Part of the challenge is that when one learns seemingly everything— to heal, to sustain life, to have limitless human experiences of joy—  then a deep isolation, boredom and unhappiness and settles within this utopian reality.  Which is why we experiment to find the balance of bliss and health because infinity can be a prison in this state, not necessarily the paradise that many of you imagine it to be.

The experiment is what gives us hope, energy and excitement to find a balance for these universal truths to be shared and embodied, while understanding how not to create a state of dis-ease within the host of these experiences.


Archangels Speak: Channelled Communication and Workshop with Archangel Michael, Lord Khan and Mother Mary

This month Spirit invited Clearly Destiny to host a series of workshops, channelled by our Light Workers and guided by the angelic realm. We were thrilled to obliged. The first in the series was channelled by Kristin Bredimus and guided by Archangel Michael, with links to the energies of Lord Khan and Mother Mary. Sharing excerpts from this special event.

Channeled on 4th July 2015

Part 1:

Archangel Michael and his Legion of Light are here.   Michael is here as empowerment and truth seeker.  His Legion of Light is here to fortify the protection of the circle.  Lord Khan and his Angels of Order are here. We also welcome Mother Mary and her Angels of Healing into this space.   They can be called upon during this experiment for individual help.
We are invited to manifest the frequency of Source so that we may all be clear channels for the messages and healing that we will receive today.  Each of you has received the call, be it invitation to join the Legion of Light or call to transform your own life so that you may be an example of Spirit.  You have been chosen to participate in this experiment of trust so that each of you can be prepared for the energies that are coming. 
Light and the shadows create a yin-yang-like symbol which are balanced yet there are times when one may seem to be stronger than the other.  The time of the shadows draws closer but it is part of the bigger plan of ascension.  It is a challenge for each of us to confront as the lightness within each of us and will combat these darker energies.  Some will be confronted in their personal lives, be it with conditions or circumstances impacting the family and those that are dear.  You have the power to radiate the light that equalise the darkness, balancing it out. 
Some of us are beginning the journey of becoming light workers.  The task of this calling is to hold, embody and grow the light in our own lives first and then in the lives of the people whose paths cross ours.  It is important for light workers to be honest with themselves and realise what this calling entails.  It asks that you be prepared to unburden your soul, and unburden yourself from your past hurt, mistrust and anger.  The journey of unburdening yourselves may take you into multiple life times and dimensions for you are energetically connected to the past and future versions of yourselves.  It requires honesty in how you are living your life in terms of how your heart responds to the people who you encounter, be it strangers or people who are part of your daily lives.  You will be challenged energetically and emotionally.  You will feel misunderstood, anxious and powerless but these are illusions.  When you recognise this it will be like unlocking a secret that will deepen your unfoldment. 
Some here are further along the path and are being encouraged to join our Legion of Light.  You are hearing our invitation now; you have heard it before but your fear has prevented you from trusting that you are ready.  You think you need to know more, you don't believe you are worthy of carrying the light so brightly that it can surround, heal and encourage others.  That is not the truth.  
Today the angelic realm is here to begin to unburden you from these energetic untruths and to de-programme you.  You will be empowered to sense the shadows and remove them and be empowered to stand in the circle of your true strength.  Part of the ascension is the switching on of each individual's personal power source.  Their own sense of the Divine and strength; their own gifts. And as each of us switches on, the subconsciousness of the people in our lives is awakened.  As it awakens they will be encouraged and invited to step into their power. 
For some it will be a great task as their journey in this lifetime has been filled with much sorrows and abuse.  They have been conditioned to be the victim and to feel less than.  But it is time for those sorrows to be unburdened so that they may fully exist in life.  You will be asked to recognise the light in others so that you may aid in switching on their power.  Aiding does not constitute you sacrificing your life and ties for others, it can simply be the act of seeing the truth of beauty in another and holding the intention that they see this truth, that they see the light within them and that the light grows.  That simple act holds great power.  And your eyes, imagination and intention allows the angelic realm to assist. 
It is crucial that each of you recognise how essential self care is.  How detrimental the perception of a life too busy is for each of us, as this perception allows the shadows to weaken us; it keeps us from the movement our human bodies need. It keeps us from the hydration and diet that best serves us. It keeps us from creating our personal sanctuary and respite in our home. It keeps us from pursuing our soul's wish. Sometimes it keeps us from being present in the lives of our families and dearest friends.

Part 2

The stronger the hold is to the earth the higher you can ascend vibrationally with your frequency.  For light workers it very important to be grounded.  We are going to concentrate on removing energies from ourselves. We need to become aware of energies that are not part of us.  If you feel depleted, frustrated, sad, angry and it doesn't feel like you, Archangel Michael wants to you recognise this and be able to remove these energies.
Each of you are encouraged to scan all parts of your bodies from your feet upwards and including any organs and sense what is there.  If you sense any grey area,  set the intention of pulling this out or else imagine a beautiful white light dissolving it.  I will set the intention that anything that is released will be contained and transmuted. 
Do another scan to sense if there are any blocks or chips that have been programmed, or any plugs placed at your chakras (usually over your third eye).  All these things may have been put there when you were young because you were destined to be a light worker.  Imagine everything being enveloped in white light that begins to spin. It continues to spins very fast until it is transmuted. 
We will all holds hands, one palm up and one down.  We will set the intention that the lower energies, chips, blocks, that every lower energy is removed from us and contained in a lead box. That the energies will be met by the appropriate being of light and taken to appropriate places to be healed or transmuted.  There are further energies being released and you may feel them being lifted from your body or from your crown chakra. 
Many people are fearful of removing lower energies because they feel if they work with these energies, then will then attract these energies.  The only truth to that thinking is that you may go through a time when your senses are heightened to them so that you can learn and practice their removal.  But you will not draw the darkness to you especially if you sit in your heart space and are of a pure intention.  We are going to call upon a being of light to help identify attachments or blocks and help remove them. 
There is a scale of energies.  You start by asking the strongest energy to step forward first.  These can be heavy ones perhaps from the demon realms - like you might see in  horror movies or read in folklore.  These are very disruptive to our lives.  The next energies to remove are extra terrestrials who may be here to  seek asylum or gather information.  Elementals may also be drawn to our energy and feed off us - these are easy to remove as they prefer to be in their own environment.  The last to call out are the human energies that are stuck on the earth plane.  These spirits will have recognised your lights and hang in your aura and wanting help.  These are the most likely spirits that we need to remove regularly. 
Some people may say that they can't remove these energies because they don't know how to.  The angelic realm needs our help to remove them by visualising and holding the intention, working from the heart so that they can act.  We don't have to be superhuman. Simply visualise or sense and be open to help. 
We will remove energetic blocks which are usually over our third eye.  Some of us may have chips in our mind, that operate like a negative mantra.  This is our own insecurity and we have held on to it as such.  What happened was that the mantra was implanted in us at a very young age. As soon as our light was recognized when we came into our own awareness, the counter energies put chips in the minds of light workers to undermine and mute them. 
Settle into the space of the grounding.  We sit in the centre of 4 circles.  We are the first, second is the Mother of Angels and her Angels of Healing.  If at any point you feel tension ask her to come forward and she will fill you with calmness and love.  The third ring is created by Lord Khan and the Angels of Order, who have joined us today because this gathering  is meant to be a practice for us. They are holding the space so we can meet the challenges presented today and be assured that as we leave nothing goes with us.  The 4th circle is Archangel Michael and  the Legion of Light surrounds the entire circles, here to teach, assist and protect us. 
Each of you take your attention to your belly and find a spark of light radiating from deep inside your body.  This is your connection to Source and the Divine.  We all have it and it grows even brighter as we step into our truth and allow ourselves to embrace our mission, chosen before this incarnation.  Acknowledge how much space your light occupies, how bright it is.  For some of you it will be brilliant as you are already on your path.  Others will need theirs fortified as they may have been circumstances that stopped you stepping into your mission.  Connecting to this light is the first step to further radiance.  Create the intention that this light is going to grow slowly until it removes any darkness in your body. It will encompass every organ, every physical matter in your body and it will push out through all of the layers of your aura until you are a ball of radiating light.  Send this light 6 feet out from your centre and back and sides.  Some you may feel it harder to light your back because this is where some of the energies might be hiding.  If you feel anxious or restless know it is that the energies are very aware that they will be leaving their human host.
Create the intention that a Being of Light is coming to assist you in removing any energetic entities, programmes, etc that are existing in your body, organs, chakras and aura.  As this Being approaches ask 'Are you of the Light'? Ask 3 times.  If you hear a 'no' tell them to leave and they will go. You can also ask Archangel Michael to come in and remove them.  Ask for another Being of Light and repeat the questions. Repeat this until you trust that the Being is of the light.   If, in the future you feel you cannot feel or see an attachment yourself, then you can seek help from a 'friend' who can scan you. 
Energies that attach to us mostly need healing and help to the light.  The Light Being will help remove attachments and take them to a place of safety and love, perhaps to the dimensions or reality they are most suited for.  Some of the lower energies will not be able to go immediately into the light, but they will go where they need to go.  Anyone feeling anxious can ask Mother Mary to come and fill you will love and calmness.
For humans and children, set the intention that you are guiding them into the light and that loving and safe energies will step forward to meet them.

Part 3


Thank you for participating with openness, trust , love, encouragement and acceptance of the information and wisdom we are sharing.  We have created this energetic  circle and battery that contains the high vibrations of each one of us,  and as we feel the power that is created by our combined energy it begins to awaken the power that is our birthrights. 
The power exists in the human mind and in the imagination as great truths disguised as dreams, as thoughts, as drawings, as stories.  These are the secrets and lessons that you are encouraged and invited to start listening to acknowledging.  There has never been the thought that has not been guided by an energy, whether of shadows or light.  So the creations, the big ideas of your lifetime and the lifetimes that have preceded us have been inspired, and as such, as you see the genesis of the inspiration, you will be able to understand the wisdom.  You will begin to understand the power of your own thoughts and actions in your life, whether it is the power of your inaction, the power of your doubts, or your fears, or it is the energy that is created when you manifest abundance, happiness, health. 
You each have an opportunity to remove any obstacle that is in your path, to being at one, to fulfilling your purpose and your happiness.  Not one person who received the invitation to be here is destined to have a life of poverty or sorrow.  That may have been your experience in order to teach you.  Not any one who received the invitation is destined to be sick, exhausted, unhappy or alone.  The first step in removing the energy that tells you otherwise is to acknowledge it as an energy and not as a reality.  Realities can be manifested from these  energies but they can also be transmuted. 
Particularly for those who are unwell, spend time in your meditations asking the question, 'What energies keep me in this state of physical distress?',  What energies deplete my life force?'.   And you will begin to see some of the sources external from your body.  Whether they be cords to people or situations in your life, cords to past lives and unforgiving deeds and actions.  These cords can be removed with Michael's help and your intentions.  For anyone who is feeling lonely and has not found their soul mate or anyone who is burdened by financial issues, spend time meditating on your past lives.  Some of you will see that there are vows that are bringing these unwanted energies and blocks into your lives.
If you have been priests, nuns, monks, prophets, healers in past lives and in those lifetimes you had taken vows of chastity, vows of poverty, undo those vows. For you are encouraged to have everything that you need in abundance of what will serve your life's mission and heal your heart.  We do not ask you to be poor, to give all of yourself.  We ask for balance and appreciation and some form of servitude whether it be by working with the angelic realm, or helping people in need as time and situations allow. 
Remove these energies that no longer serve you and feel the power of being able to recognise what these blocks have been; knowing that you don't necessarily need a doctor, therapist or spiritualist to help you remove things that have created obstacles in your life.  If your obstacle has been inaction, create the very real intention to move that energy away,  as inaction is the realist obstacle we face in our lives. 
We are invited to each stand and to ground and feel the power that has been ignited in us today.
Archangel Michael and the Legion of Light stand behind us and above us in brilliant energy of gold that begins to enter our crowns and run down through our entire bodies.  As it cascades down our bodies covering us, it is creating a layer of light and protection going externally and internally into our blood and veins.  It covers our feet and toes and flows into the earth further solidifying our connection to earth by travelling to the centre and bringing up the energy of Gaia within our bodies. 
Within this place of power you are encouraged to allow the tools, the beliefs, the visions that are meaningful to you, to assist you in your lives and work with others.  Some will gravitate to crystals, some to elementals, some to angels, some to mediumship, some to healing.  Whatever tools or forms of spirituality are intriguing to you, embrace it as these are confirmation of knowledge and understanding that is already in your being.  Some things will resonate, others not. Do not judge. 
Use discernment, recognising false prophets and to recognise those in need of help.  Forego judgements, whether it is self judgements or of others, or situations.  Whatever the challenging lessons we will each face one will be the topic of judgement.  Our empathetic hearts may tell us that someone needs help and we may feel moved to help them.  Do not do so without their permission. Some of us have lessons to learn and help will be kept at bay until the lessons are learnt.  Understand this and allow it to be.
Know that the power that has been ignited in you today will begin to resonate with those around. Some may feel disruption as they will not be used to your voice, your confidence, your being.  They will adjust. 
You can call on Archangel Michael, Lord Khan and Mother Mary to be with you and assist with whatever you need for after care, be it protection or the removal of chaos in your life or be it healing and unconditional love.  Know that the power will slowly stir in the people around you.  There will be moments of disharmony but as long as you hold the intention of the light and the understanding, this will pass. 
You are each invited to become mindful of when there are energies with you or your family that are disruptive, you can call upon the Legion of Light to remove them.  It can be effortless, merely your intention without the need of ceremony.  That said, you are encouraged to ground and protect yourself and keep your chakras closed when you are not working.  If you need to be open in an environment that does not feel safe, create the intention to work within a sphere of golden light.  Imagine that any person or energy that is in close proximity is pushed out of your column of light.  This is your safe space that can be created in any situations. 
Know that energies may come to disrupt your homes.  You are encouraged to de-clutter as this is something that clings and attracts lower energies.  You are encouraged to meet the guardian of your space and ask for permission to clear any disruptive energies.  You may do so by working with this guardian after you check that it is the fact the guardian or being light.  They will show you, have you sense, smell, notice anything that needs to be noticed.  Just trust that you have the ability to remove it.
Thank you for your time today and welcome to a very powerful beginning.  Welcome to a very powerful initiation into your own life and into your work with Spirit, should you accept a further invitation.

Closing words from some circle members.

J:                         I works for the Divine and I bring you a blessing from the angelic realms and Archangel Michael stands before you, shield and sword raised to reflect light into your being and reflected light will be with you always.
A:          Archangel Michael states that he is well pleased with you all.  That you have taken this step into a great role and that he hopes that you will take these tools and affirmations and go further into your lives with greater strength.
L:                         Archangel Michael want you to all remember that light is stronger than any darkness so when you go about your daily lives and feel tired, heavy or feeling low breath in light and love and let heaviness fall to the earth where it is transmuted and feel yourself fill with love and light.
S:                                  Archangel Michael has me to remind everyone to find the balance in your life; balance in your spirituality ad your physical life.
LC:               We are privileged to share this event with other light workers and all of those who have said just your name, you are light workers because you are here and in the present.
Mother Mary wraps you in her protection, in her gentle knowing, in her healing that of burdens, all that life has bestowed upon you.  These have just been lessons and the hurt and the scars will disappear.  Some already have with today's circle and sharing of spirit.
You are being reminded that in the days to come to be aware of how you feel.  If you have questions you must ask them and trust what you receive.  You will be encouraged to hydrate as light workers need hydration.  You will be encouraged to be aware of your emotions and to be gentle with yourselves, be kind and if you feel fear, send yourself love.

Channelled Communication Through Clearly Destiny Students

On June 17th some of the guides working with some of our students engaged with a two-way conversation, sharing wisdom on topics that we'd inquire about. Please enjoy what was shared.

J:               Technology is amongst the dozens.  Everywhere is full of cyber space.  People wired in - connected.  Communication.  Speed of words being all gathered.  Data manipulated, used for information. Processed data is everywhere.

C:              Mobile phones is everywhere.  People can't do without them now,.  The technology is so strong.  You need to keep up with but at the same time it is taking over our lives.  There is going to be a time when we don't need the phones.  When we will speak without it.  The signals. Vibrations are getting stronger. 

Do you feel one day there will be no need for mobile phones or technology?

J:               Technology is advancing at great speed.  People are communicating less with each other because their heads are elsewhere and this can lack social empathy.  It causes too much isolation if you don't keep up with each other.  Children will not speak to each other but be in their own little world.  You are in your own little world communicating but not understanding because you won't need phones.  As she says technology is growing fast and leave so much behind - we will be wearing them.

Do you not think that the technology will change and children will be very familiar with it?

C;               They will be the ones controlling it.

J:               Yes.  This is a new age.  Technologically advance children.  As with everything there is a dark side and  a light side.  The same is with technology,  Everything is transparent, everything is recorded, everything is logged and nothing is private.  Space.   advancement in space as well.  NASA astronauts very advanced technology come into force. 

C:              Children are the key to technology because they are the ones that are going to control it.  Only a few will lead.

Conversation continued between Ann Marie and Rose's communicators.

A:              Technology is fine in its place.  But what is coming forward now is technology being used to control the human race as it has been since the time certain beings entered this planetary 'embulance'.  What has happened is people have been injecting, shall we say, certain energies into humanity to prevent them from moving forward.  And now that time is ending and now that time will cause a rebellion amongst the human race.  Now that certain energies are clearing away the control and the influences that have been here for too long.  Know that certain energies will be pushed back and prevented from continuing their rule of creatures that were originally created to hold souls that were here for experiences and decided that they would use them almost as batteries for their own cruel ways.  know that this time is coming to an end and you will notice that certain things are coming to an end in the world.  Certain rulers will no longer have the power that they expected from their influence and their connection to these being.  And also there will be times where certain events will happen which would not have happened before because of the influences of other beings.  Be aware that technology is not the stepping stone to power that it once was and that beings will drop out of the human psyche as quickly as they infiltrated it.

R:              Technology needs to be harnessed from the heart and with good intentions .  If it is used with good intentions it is not being used for mankind's progression.  It is a gift that few can work with to benefit all people. 

Do you think there might come a time that knowledge will be wiped clean?

J:               Impossible.  It is already out there shared amongst many.   Stored.  In multitudes.  Copied.  Different arenas.

R:              Ah but we can work with that this side.  We collect information but it can be removed.  It only takes vibration. 

A:              Information changes and flows and becomes sorted in different ways, in different places.  What was once seen as a storage place is now seen as merely a rock.  Know that the more that humanity learns to change their vibration the more information will come forward that rather than being stored in objects that require many parts it will end up as an object that is solid but vibrates at a certain level and keeps information within it  so that the humans that are given the task of removing that information will be able to extract and include information within those objects.

Will man still be in control of the information that goes into storage or not?

J:               You are losing control of the flow of the information.  But the storage I feel is getting much more compact. 

A:              What we are about to say we do not wish to fear you but information has not truly been free flowing amongst humanity as has been shown in your media, so to speak.  Humanity is only being told a very small part of the information that is available to them, and this information is now being leaked so to speak by beings who are plugged into these systems and can get the information out to humanity.  Know that information that is sent to you in your sleep and into other awakened states are the truth.  It is merely that the information is so bizarre to yourselves that you cannot believe that this information cannot possible be the truth.  Know that in the coming days more information will show you the way to where humanity is going and know that the only true way of controlling yourselves is to sift out the information that is bombarding you.  For in amongst the overwhelming information there is truth but because you cannot see the small informationary truth amongst the bombardment of lies you are being lost in amongst a storm of sand.  But know that this will come clearer the more that you use your discernment, the more you use your second sight, the more you use the energy of your heart and when this is used you will see through the veil that is put in front of you concerning the information that you truly need to know.

J:               You will be guided towards the right information.

R:              Greetings. It is slow progress but we will get through.  We are aware of what you are doing.  We have been watching you and we will come back to you again.  There are lots of us but we work in small groups and we work in a small group with this medium who does resist but we also need resistance.  It makes it finer when we do get through.