Channelled Communication From the Angelic Realm at Clearly Destiny

Channelled on the 10th of June, 2015.

We cannot stress the importance of self care enough to each of you.  Self care is at the core of happiness in your human form as well as your light body so that it is prepared for the ascension.  Self care means mental and emotional clarity and wellbeing.  It means a healthy life style with food and drink. It means movement.  It means vibration.  It means extending love and gratitude and understanding to your family and community.  And holding unconditional love in your hearts in moments of fear, of anger, of confusion.   
Many who chose the path of holding the light and leading their brothers and sisters forward, have had to learn many painful lessons in their human form to help teach them the importance of compassion; the importance of understanding.  And because of this many have not learned the importance of self love.  They have lived their lives missing that component because of their experiences and life lessons.  And that is where you should begin. 
You should begin with allowing yourself to cut the energetic cords between people and experiences, thoughts that have hurt you.  And as the influence of that hurt dissipates, tune into your heart chakra and your crown chakra and allow and invite Divine Light and unconditional love to fill your body to radiate yourselves and to teach your human mind to soften its control over your spiritual bodies. 
Self care also is about creating quiet so that you can hear and see the support that is being given to you.  This can be literal, through quiet contemplation or about creating the stillness in your everyday experiences.  So often you miss the signs that we leave you.  The signs that you are loved and protected.  The signs that we are with you, watching over you.  Your human mind has come to expect that communication is other worldly.  It is the thing of your movies and your stories but in reality it is gentle.  It requires trust and a willingness to accept that the thoughts that you have in your human mind are inspired and are the communication of the Divine. 
This is not to say that miracles cannot happen or do not happen.  But you must begin to see and appreciate the everyday miracles that we lovingly give to you.  If you are in need of a miracle because of health, because of personal relationships, we ask 3 things of you.
 Participate in manifesting the miracle.   Do not allow your mind to dig you deeper into the darkness making you fearful or helpless.  Participate by seeing your light and holding it and giving yourself unconditional love, and for others. 
We ask you to trust.  Trust the signs that are around you.  Trust your knowing when we have brought you an earth angel to help.  Use your free will and discernment; for humans can only try their best and have their own battles of ego and fear to contend with.  But we will send people to help.  See them and trust.  Use your free will and discernment.
Help to be the light in the darkness for others no matter what your own trial and tribulation may be.  Always find the energy to bring light and love.   If you can only imagine a small amount to your own family or community - start there.  Find the balance between giving and receiving, because every turning point and obstacle and opportunity and stagnation holds twin energies of its positive and negative.
When you need a miracle, help be the miracle for another and allow yourself the trust, and freedom to know, that you are playing an important role in the manifestation of love and healing to yourself and to others. 
We give you our love, our protection and great understanding.  The secrets can be so small and so simple, yet hold the power to transform.  Hear us.  Hear us in your own voice, in your head and trust we will never forsake you. We want to be closer in your life and want to be invited into your life to greater assist.  Believe in angels.