Channelled Communication Through Clearly Destiny Students

On June 17th some of the guides working with some of our students engaged with a two-way conversation, sharing wisdom on topics that we'd inquire about. Please enjoy what was shared.

J:               Technology is amongst the dozens.  Everywhere is full of cyber space.  People wired in - connected.  Communication.  Speed of words being all gathered.  Data manipulated, used for information. Processed data is everywhere.

C:              Mobile phones is everywhere.  People can't do without them now,.  The technology is so strong.  You need to keep up with but at the same time it is taking over our lives.  There is going to be a time when we don't need the phones.  When we will speak without it.  The signals. Vibrations are getting stronger. 

Do you feel one day there will be no need for mobile phones or technology?

J:               Technology is advancing at great speed.  People are communicating less with each other because their heads are elsewhere and this can lack social empathy.  It causes too much isolation if you don't keep up with each other.  Children will not speak to each other but be in their own little world.  You are in your own little world communicating but not understanding because you won't need phones.  As she says technology is growing fast and leave so much behind - we will be wearing them.

Do you not think that the technology will change and children will be very familiar with it?

C;               They will be the ones controlling it.

J:               Yes.  This is a new age.  Technologically advance children.  As with everything there is a dark side and  a light side.  The same is with technology,  Everything is transparent, everything is recorded, everything is logged and nothing is private.  Space.   advancement in space as well.  NASA astronauts very advanced technology come into force. 

C:              Children are the key to technology because they are the ones that are going to control it.  Only a few will lead.

Conversation continued between Ann Marie and Rose's communicators.

A:              Technology is fine in its place.  But what is coming forward now is technology being used to control the human race as it has been since the time certain beings entered this planetary 'embulance'.  What has happened is people have been injecting, shall we say, certain energies into humanity to prevent them from moving forward.  And now that time is ending and now that time will cause a rebellion amongst the human race.  Now that certain energies are clearing away the control and the influences that have been here for too long.  Know that certain energies will be pushed back and prevented from continuing their rule of creatures that were originally created to hold souls that were here for experiences and decided that they would use them almost as batteries for their own cruel ways.  know that this time is coming to an end and you will notice that certain things are coming to an end in the world.  Certain rulers will no longer have the power that they expected from their influence and their connection to these being.  And also there will be times where certain events will happen which would not have happened before because of the influences of other beings.  Be aware that technology is not the stepping stone to power that it once was and that beings will drop out of the human psyche as quickly as they infiltrated it.

R:              Technology needs to be harnessed from the heart and with good intentions .  If it is used with good intentions it is not being used for mankind's progression.  It is a gift that few can work with to benefit all people. 

Do you think there might come a time that knowledge will be wiped clean?

J:               Impossible.  It is already out there shared amongst many.   Stored.  In multitudes.  Copied.  Different arenas.

R:              Ah but we can work with that this side.  We collect information but it can be removed.  It only takes vibration. 

A:              Information changes and flows and becomes sorted in different ways, in different places.  What was once seen as a storage place is now seen as merely a rock.  Know that the more that humanity learns to change their vibration the more information will come forward that rather than being stored in objects that require many parts it will end up as an object that is solid but vibrates at a certain level and keeps information within it  so that the humans that are given the task of removing that information will be able to extract and include information within those objects.

Will man still be in control of the information that goes into storage or not?

J:               You are losing control of the flow of the information.  But the storage I feel is getting much more compact. 

A:              What we are about to say we do not wish to fear you but information has not truly been free flowing amongst humanity as has been shown in your media, so to speak.  Humanity is only being told a very small part of the information that is available to them, and this information is now being leaked so to speak by beings who are plugged into these systems and can get the information out to humanity.  Know that information that is sent to you in your sleep and into other awakened states are the truth.  It is merely that the information is so bizarre to yourselves that you cannot believe that this information cannot possible be the truth.  Know that in the coming days more information will show you the way to where humanity is going and know that the only true way of controlling yourselves is to sift out the information that is bombarding you.  For in amongst the overwhelming information there is truth but because you cannot see the small informationary truth amongst the bombardment of lies you are being lost in amongst a storm of sand.  But know that this will come clearer the more that you use your discernment, the more you use your second sight, the more you use the energy of your heart and when this is used you will see through the veil that is put in front of you concerning the information that you truly need to know.

J:               You will be guided towards the right information.

R:              Greetings. It is slow progress but we will get through.  We are aware of what you are doing.  We have been watching you and we will come back to you again.  There are lots of us but we work in small groups and we work in a small group with this medium who does resist but we also need resistance.  It makes it finer when we do get through.