Channelled Communication on Dragons

The following is an excerpt from channelled communication that was received on the 6th of January, 2016 at Clearly Destiny.

A-M: We would like to talk to you of the times of dragons.  For many people do not understand that dragons are not physical lizards, as the word would be used, but they are intense elemental energies that mind this world together, as well as the other beings that are asked to use this universe as a stopping point.  They are within your, without you and in your energy field, everywhere. 
Many people have said that they have left, but they have just changed their dimensional being.  Their vibrations have increased to a point where only certain people can see them.  This can be changed by believing that they exist - not as the monster of these stories that people like to tell but they are intense energies that, if misused, can bring destruction.  These energies are very loving but very strong and as with all intense love, they can become overwhelming to actually engulf the person who has called them forward.  Therefore, when you work with dragons you must be prepared for the energy that comes with them.  They are different to many energies that people have used before. 
We have observed with this one, that people treat dragons as if they are going to swallow them whole.  What you must understand is that dragons are very discerning and also get bored very easily.  If someone treats them like great revered god, they will turn their tail and destroy that person because they feel they are boring the pants off them.  This is the way dragons see the world.  They do not like false people or those who try to cover them with glamour or make them out to be monsters.  Anything can be a monster.  Anything can be brought forward in a dark state.  But dragons are something else.  They are everything.  They are a part of everything.  Their energies are of an intensity that can be the ice on the top of a mountain or the centre of the sun. 
Dragons are the true elements of this universe.  Their powers are immeasurable but for a moment they will interact with those who wish to interact with them.  They are not here to destroy.  They are here to rebuild for the world is at a time where it can take that step into a new beginning.  Therefore they are being called forward to rebuild this planet so that it can move into its new dimensional self.  For what better beings help than those who helped to weave the universe itself by stepping forward and helping the earth re-create itself. 
They are also offering to help yourselves, to re-create yourselves.  Each one of you has a dragon.  For each one of you that dragon has a speciality.  What you must realise is that they like you to talk to them.  They like you to interact with them.  They like you to be their friend.  For relationships are stronger if you treat beings as friends.  If you see them as terrifying they will allow you to believe that until you see the truth of the situation.  For intention and belief, will cause them to show you a side that is, they feel, disproportionate to who they really are. 
They are ancient.  They have intense knowledge.  Intense is the world for once you open to flood gates, they will tell you things and not stop unless you keep them under wraps, so to speak.  They love to share their knowledge but many people do not sit and listen to them.  They sit and they want the pot of gold, or the hoard of many nations but they do not want to hear the greatest gift of all - which is the ancient for body building, universal self that they are capable of.  They can create things that you have only dreamt of.  They can bring them into reality in ways that you can only dream of.  But they ask that you push those dreams a little bit further, interact with them a little bit more.  Know that they can create world for you that you know exist.