Archangel Michael speaks

Message from the Archangel Michael

I will speak of the angelic realm. Our friends in the angelic realm draw close to us much of the time and a large number of them are also observing in the channeling classes. 

I am referring particularly to these meetings and I am aware that you are all fully briefed on the angelic realm.  I wanted to make sure of their inclusion on these occasions as they too come to observe what goes on.  For whatever reason, they prefer to remain in the background – other than Archangel Michael.  They come.  They observe.  They bring much kindness to you all and they do all they can to ensure that these events are as successful as they can be.


I am Michael and yes, let me confirm there are many of my brothers and sisters who are present at these events.We come because there is good motive to, and that is to talk with some of your Guides, to be amongst the spirit energies who come as your audience and also because it is an opportunity to see how they too can communicate, can channel through mediums to speak of their gifts, to speak for themselves.