Ascension Matters: Lindsley Cash channels Shobnam

On Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Clearly Destiny co-owner Lindsley Cash channelled the following from her guide, Shobnam. Your comments are invited; also please note that Lindsley teaches channelling here at Clearly Destiny.

I am Shobnam, I am this medium’s guide.

I am a fifth dimensional energy and I have been working with this medium for some time.  It is the purpose of fifth dimensional energies to help humanity understand and create the capacity within themselves for compassion. In this way, the Ascension of each individual and then all of humanity can ascend together with the planet.

Make no mistake, dear reader, the Ascension is all about the planet and it is the Divine’s wish that the species on the planet can ascend at the same time, but it will take a tremendous amount of work on behalf of humanity to keep up with the planet’s ascension. There are many Star Beings amongst you who are tasked with helping with the Ascension of humanity. They started to come as your New Age people but now it is the third generation who are here.