Messages from Spirit

Lunchtime Channelling on Monday 8th June 2015

On Monday afternoons we hold a circle for developing Trance Mediums and invite their guides to share wisdom. Sharing sage advice recently expressed at Clearly Destiny. Enjoy!

(Initials indicate the first letter of our student's name to denote their guides.)


Patience is the key.  Being non-judgemental.  In present at all times.  Seeing oneself through the eyes of other beings.  Help is there at all times.  Just ask and it is given.


Healers heal thine selves.  Use kind and loving words to yourselves first and foremost.  Be gentle.  Everything happens in its own good time.  There is no race there is rush, there is just now.  Believe in and enjoy the beautiful now.


People are becoming aware of the changes in this earth plane.  There are being of light that are touching the earth.  We need to be aware.  Our hearts, our souls will be touched, but there is a need to be protected.  We would not want people to be harmed.  My heart is overcome. 


Life is a precious gift and it should not be wasted.  This time on earth is for learning, for experiencing and for spreading joy and love.  It is of utmost importance that your time here is not wasted on negative, but to see the love and the positive of everything that surrounds you.  Use your energy to lift the vibrations of others.  You are more powerful than you know.


We have several things to share.  We want you to know that you can assist your earthly body in the transition by helping to remove the darkness and the debris that lives in your physical body  - memories of pain, of illnesses, energies of others.  Simply ask to see the shadows within your body and set the intention to remove that shadow or shadows with the intention that it is transmuted and sent where it needs to go within your body for healing.  As you clear these shadowed energies you allow for the light to increase within your physical and spiritual body.  Holding the light will make you feel more vulnerable but know you are protected.  Keep this knowledge first and foremost because human fear is the pathway to lower energies trying to dissuade you.  Hold love stronger than fear.  Hold it in your minds and in your body so brilliantly until there is no room for shadows.  Ask for help if you find your immune weakened and your body more susceptible.


I like your fun natures and your fun energies.  Continue to be like children every day. The more you can raise your inner child and have fun and belly laughs the better.  Continue not to take yourselves too seriously.  We angels are fun.  We can heavy duty when we have to but we are about love and light after all.  You are all gifted teachers.  I am Michael.  You can always ask me to clear any rooms any time , I do it anyway but sometimes I like to get the praise.  I am handsome after all.  Confidence is something I give you all.  i ask you to call on me when you need extra confidence.  I am protecting your families and I am helping them to adjust to the new energies that are changing - new energies.  I love a party.  Play music more in between your readings.  Play your music, have a dance.  Bob Marley - One Love.  That is a song.  We angels are here to help all you humans in every aspect of your lives.  Nothing is too big or small.  We are here to give service - no more, no less.  You are all going to travel and see more of the world.  This is just the starting ground.  Have confidence in your abilities.  Be open to more ways of being and doing.  Many of the energies you work with want to work differently.  Some want to move about.  Some want to sing - let them sing.  You are protecting this sacred space and it brings us great joy to see you all on your path.  This is a path that is smooth and straight.  I bid you well.


I wanted to talk about the vessel that you walk with on this earth and how you have the opportunity to take care and when I say that i mean to nourish it and give it plenty of rest to love it.  It is vitally important that you resonate with the joy that is at your fingertips.  So love yourself as you love each other.  Our connection with you, if you have a clear, clean vessel, is so much more efficient.


Clear vessel.  Clear mind.  Serenity.  Peace of mind.  Our intake through mouth, eyes, ears, skin, all makes matter.  All makes matter to be as matter is.  As hard as it may be to comprehend at times the things which you put in, make a difference.  Solids, liquids, vapour - so called invisible - so called.  Pay attention, it all adds up. Be aware and awake.  No time to sleep.  No time to sleep.