Self Care

Self Healing and Earth Healing with the Archangels

Channelled on Wednesday 24 June, 2015, with the intention to bringing healing to those in the mediation practice and to the Earth. A herkimer diamond, selenite crystal, fire and ice quartz and rose quartz crystal was placed in the center of the circle.

  • Breath in light and exhale the shadows. Breath in love, release judgement. Breath in life force, exhale dis-ease.
  • Visualize an anchor on gold and silver woven rope dropping down from the base of your back, towards the center of the earth.
  • Bring your attention to the Earth Star chakra, 2 feet beneath your feet, expanding a circumference of 6 feet. See the energy connect to the center of the Earth and move up through your chakras, towards the highest form of Light.
  • Visualize your Root chakra at the base of your spine. See the rich ruby red energy funnel down to the Earth's center and up towards Source.
    •  Draw your attention to how this chakra feels, to the color. Note any energetic blockages or flares of energy. Repeat this observation as you open the remaining chakras.
  • Visualize your Sacral chakra at your lower abdomen (genitals, womb). See the deep orange energy funnel out from the front and out from the back of your body, originating at it's center.
  • Visualize your Solar Plexus chakra at your belly. See the golden yellow energy flow out of the center of your body, towards the front and out the back.
  • Visualize your Heart chakra at your chest. See the Spring green energy flow out from the front and back of your body. Breath into this chakra, holding the intention of "unconditional love" and allow it to expand to open the High Heart chakra. See the energies of green and pink mix to resemble a "watermelon tourmaline" (green exterior with a pink center).
  • Visualize your Throat chakra opening with Sky blue brilliance at the front and back.
  • Visualize your Third Eye chakra opening with deep indigo energy flowing to the front and back.
  • Visualize your Crown chakra opening and white light flowing from the highest source of Light, cascading down your chakras to the center of the Earth.
  • Check your grounding. Inhale the metallic dark green energy of Gia (Mother Earth) and breath it up into your body.
  • Exhale and bring the light from Source through your body.
  • Visualize that the dark green energy of Gia and the white energy of Source mixes and mingles at the Earth Star chakra. See the energies spin until they form a ball of energy around the chakra. See that pace quickens and know that this action is transmuting any blockages or debris in the chakra. Watch until the spinning ball appears to explode into dust. Send the dust down to the center of the Earth.
    • Repeat this visualization with each of your chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart + High Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown.
  • Sit and recognize how your energy now feels. Know that your chakras have been energetically cleared and the stagnant energy transmuted.
  • Invoke the Ray of Nature's Colours and welcome Archangel Sandalphon, Guardian of the Earth. Assist Sandalphon by visualizing that the Earth Star chakra expands the circumference of the world. Spend a few moments recalling every colour found in nature and see the colours fill and begin to spin within the body of Earth its self. Purple. Blue. Green. Yellow. Orange. Red. Black. Gray. Silver. Gold. And so on. See these colours mix to Brown. Blend the colour brown with the layers of the Earth and know that it has made fertile with life-force. Thank Archangel Sandalphon.
  • Invoke the Green Ray and welcome Archangel Raphael, Protector and Healer of humanity, the animal kingdom and the Earth. Assist Raphael by sensing that he is filling each of your chakras with Light, healing your "light body". Understand that his healing will be gentle but powerful. He may choose to distribute light over several days, as to not overwhelm you physically, emotionally or mentally.
  • Next, fill your being with unconditional love. Send this beautiful energy to the animals, creating the intention that love will be sent to every living creature. Know that as this energy reaches each creature, it's own spark of light from Source grows brighter, igniting a surge of compassion and recognition across all of humankind. Recognition that the animals are responsible for our nourishment, they are our earthly companions and are our guides to ascension. Honor their sacrifices and reignite the love that many humans have long since disconnected from. In doing so, understand that unconditional love towards the animal kingdom has been reawakened. Thank Archangel Raphael.
  • Invoke the Blue Ray and welcome Archangel Michael, Protector of Humanity and Leader of the Legion of Light. Assist Michael by filling your body with Light. Sit in this light and feel its power. Reflect this light inwards and see your own inner power. Trust that you have all the power that is needed within you. The power to heal. The power to shine so brightly that darkness disintegrates. The power to love and be loved. The power to manifest. The power to be abundant. Stand in this truth, in YOUR power.
Feel your intrinsic power. Believe that your have all the power needed within yourself. Fill your body and aura with the recognition of this self power. As you sit in this awareness, know that your energy radiates and stirs the subconscious of your family, your friend and your community.
As one stands in the circle of their power it radiates light and awakens the recognition within the people in their lives. This creates a rippling effect, awakening power one person at a time until the ever expanding circles of community extend and encompass the globe. In three years time every human's subconscious will be awakened.
- Archangel Michael
  • Thank Archangel Michael.
  • Bring your awareness back into your energy field and begin to close down. Draw in the energy from your Crown. From your Third Eye. The Throat. High Heart and Heart. Solar Plexus. Sacral. Constrict the Root until there is a stream of light connecting through the Earth Star to the Earth's center, keeping you grounded and centered.
  • Slowly open your eyes, stretch, drink some water and give thanks to the Light.

Archangels Sandalphon, Raphael and Michael give you their love and gratitude for being a conduit for healing and ascension. Please drink plenty of water to replace the hydration lost during this energy work. Recognize that healing can stir feelings and that you can transmute whatever may come up. If you feel you need assistance, call upon the angels for love, protection and healing.


Channelled Communication From the Angelic Realm at Clearly Destiny

Channelled on the 10th of June, 2015.

We cannot stress the importance of self care enough to each of you.  Self care is at the core of happiness in your human form as well as your light body so that it is prepared for the ascension.  Self care means mental and emotional clarity and wellbeing.  It means a healthy life style with food and drink. It means movement.  It means vibration.  It means extending love and gratitude and understanding to your family and community.  And holding unconditional love in your hearts in moments of fear, of anger, of confusion.   
Many who chose the path of holding the light and leading their brothers and sisters forward, have had to learn many painful lessons in their human form to help teach them the importance of compassion; the importance of understanding.  And because of this many have not learned the importance of self love.  They have lived their lives missing that component because of their experiences and life lessons.  And that is where you should begin. 
You should begin with allowing yourself to cut the energetic cords between people and experiences, thoughts that have hurt you.  And as the influence of that hurt dissipates, tune into your heart chakra and your crown chakra and allow and invite Divine Light and unconditional love to fill your body to radiate yourselves and to teach your human mind to soften its control over your spiritual bodies. 
Self care also is about creating quiet so that you can hear and see the support that is being given to you.  This can be literal, through quiet contemplation or about creating the stillness in your everyday experiences.  So often you miss the signs that we leave you.  The signs that you are loved and protected.  The signs that we are with you, watching over you.  Your human mind has come to expect that communication is other worldly.  It is the thing of your movies and your stories but in reality it is gentle.  It requires trust and a willingness to accept that the thoughts that you have in your human mind are inspired and are the communication of the Divine. 
This is not to say that miracles cannot happen or do not happen.  But you must begin to see and appreciate the everyday miracles that we lovingly give to you.  If you are in need of a miracle because of health, because of personal relationships, we ask 3 things of you.
 Participate in manifesting the miracle.   Do not allow your mind to dig you deeper into the darkness making you fearful or helpless.  Participate by seeing your light and holding it and giving yourself unconditional love, and for others. 
We ask you to trust.  Trust the signs that are around you.  Trust your knowing when we have brought you an earth angel to help.  Use your free will and discernment; for humans can only try their best and have their own battles of ego and fear to contend with.  But we will send people to help.  See them and trust.  Use your free will and discernment.
Help to be the light in the darkness for others no matter what your own trial and tribulation may be.  Always find the energy to bring light and love.   If you can only imagine a small amount to your own family or community - start there.  Find the balance between giving and receiving, because every turning point and obstacle and opportunity and stagnation holds twin energies of its positive and negative.
When you need a miracle, help be the miracle for another and allow yourself the trust, and freedom to know, that you are playing an important role in the manifestation of love and healing to yourself and to others. 
We give you our love, our protection and great understanding.  The secrets can be so small and so simple, yet hold the power to transform.  Hear us.  Hear us in your own voice, in your head and trust we will never forsake you. We want to be closer in your life and want to be invited into your life to greater assist.  Believe in angels.