Trance Mediums

4th January 2015 Monday Lunchtime Channelling

Clearly Destiny hosts trance and channelling group sessions every Monday and Wednesday, in which fledging and advanced Mediums receive and share messages from guides and guardians of the Light.

C:              Spirit worked on adjusting her energy and faces flashed visibly, in particular a young girl with straight dark hair.  Energy in front of her shimmered.  Reddish colour built up around the body shape and around the head.   The name of Terrence or Terry came to a circle member.  Through questioning the energy agreed that it was part of medium's collective.  On request the energy moved the medium's head to the left and right and also moved the medium's hands.


D:             We feel the light has built sufficiently and welcome the opportunity to communicate and we bring this light with us into this space.  We did put into the medium's mind to speak about new beginnings at this point in time - a very appropriate time  of the year. But interestingly it ties in neatly with your question.


There are many vested interests in promoting the idea of global warming being something that the human race has developed.  It is a way to keep the population in fear and to raise money and taxes for other purposes, other than those stated.  We would counsel the greatest scepticism. The planet has its own cycles which is why the idea of new beginnings is appropriate to tie in.  This is indeed a new cycle which has been developing rapidly.  There are other influences on the climate of the planet.  There is activity of the sun and the radiation from it.  And there are random elements to do with mathematics of, and physics of, wind circulation, ocean temperature.  Over the life of the planet there have been many occasion where ice ages have oscillated with times of high global temperatures.  This frequently has been to do with volcanic activity and the way it regulates the acquisition of energy from the sun.  We are indeed entering a period of warming which is cyclic but not wholly the responsibility of humans But human governments have taken it upon themselves to make it an issue.  We will see rises in the sea, the submersion of land and major weather pattern changes.  This is to do with the challenging of the human condition through its current complacency.  Those that are aware will feel themselves drawn to places, I say of safety, but merely where the change in climate will not impact on them so severely. 


The human condition has always been like the animal condition from which it originated, to do with survival. Survival teaches many things, both spiritually in the moment and the acquisition of skills for the soul base in the process of cycle or reincarnation.  And so we come back of the new beginnings at the start of this calendar year.  There is a cycle of renewal within the kingdom of life on this planet just as there is a cycle of renewal in the physical condition and the weather patterns of this planet. Once this era of warming has passed there will be another ice age.  Much more severe than the last.  So the human race is the face of challenge. 


There is much movement in the planet among peoples.  Although this does not seem connected to the subject it is to do with renewal.  There is a great act of reincarnation in the Middle Eastern territories.Many of these reincarnations were destroyed during the holocaust.  In their reincarnation back geographically to approximately to where those races would have originated if not those people directly, their ancestors.  They are now being drawn back to their place of destruction in central Europe, specifically Germany where these migrants are trying to find their home, not understanding that previously they had come from Central Europe.   This is also to do with the cycle of new beginnings.  So new beginnings can work in very different mechanisms.  New beginnings need new assessments to stop old patterns.  The challenges for migration of those beings reincarnated from the unnecessary point of destruction is a new beginning and is a complete puzzlement to the authorities and the people.  Unless they understand what is happening they will try to instigate conflict.  Meanwhile the planet continues to change - what was dry will become wet and what was cold will become hot.  The governments have no power to change this.  It is far too big in terms of natural forces but it suits them, the governments, to keep the population in fear, in control, and in debt to them. 

Question:              Will the bigger picture of why the Middle Eastern people are travelling back to their roots ever become known and understood?


We have heard very seldom this reason given for the migration, and of course, such a reasoning does not bear rational in parenthesis with governments or populations but if you hold it in your heart, you can weigh up the truth of this.  Does it ring true or not?  And I don't require the answer but I hold it as something to be considered.


Question:              Regarding the uprising of this new violent religious group in the Middle East, it would appear to be an unsolvable issue, but can it be?


The rise of these groups is to do with the karmic reasons I have stated and the destruction of these beings in terrible circumstances, and in anger and in fear.  The violence of these groups is an expression of anger and fear. 


Question:              Can we overcome it or must it be played out?  


It must be played out sadly and may lead to more destruction and we all pray that the cycle is not yet again repeated in the next incarnation.


Question:              What can we do as humans to help this situation?


To understand the karmic reasons for it, opens a portal to healing.  if a situation is not understood you cannot draw down the energy and give it out.  So understanding and accepting there is a karmic link means that you can draw down healing and prayer into the situation.  It is only a balm on the surface ofwound but it is something.  The prayer should be for the cycle to cease and be put into context and anger to be dispersed.  In human terms it is like a child that has been beaten, bullied and abused may grow up to be the same.  So we are talking about a karmic cycle in exactly the same way.


Question:              Can humans influence the energy of the planet by simply making loving connections with one another?


Yes.  As we may have stated before, because of the origin of all things from the point of singularity, there is a connect as the physical universe expands and evolves, so there is a connection with absolutely everything within this dimension and others.  And the energy of the heart is what can change.  It influences in a small way but then again, we are talking about a collective of a vast, vast, unimaginable collection of elements, souls, energies, dimensions. 


Other souls, other dimensions also have the same intention but sometimes disruption is a path to growth.  it enables us not to be complacent.  Energy constantly changes but the importance of the cycle down through, is important to keep as a mechanism to understand how things filter.  It is a process of filtering.  It filers through the heart in a mysterious way.


 New communicator:


This seems a trite thing to say, but you must keep your diaries up to date.  Because there are things to plan and they are beginning to multiply, therefore to be organised and prepared.  So this is a message of preparation, so we counsel against procrastination.  Do not put off to tomorrow what you can do today.  This year is going to be very busy for all those involved here. 


I would not be surprised if there were media or television cameras involved.


Comment:            We may keep that at arms length as we have not seen a positive portrayal of spirit by the media in the past.  So we will see.


You will be protected and guided in this.


Comment:            We would take counsel from spirit before we allowed anything like that into these premises.


So you should.  These people are slippery but it could work to the advantage of spirit.  Interestingly I see a large ball rolling towards you.  It is very symbolic - it gathers no moss as they say.  So be prepared for rapid things.  It is not going to flatten you.  But you may feel the ground shake before it arrives so there is a slight warning of this.  People of like mind are gathering towards you so there is not a problem.


The dragons are here.  They come in the capacity to protect and to say, 'Here we are, don't mess with us'.


Medium then powerfully breathed out dragon energy several times. 


(Observation:  At one point I saw an extra terrestrial face over yours and when the dragons came I felt you were back in medieval times.   Maybe Merlin?)


C:              Medium's head gently moved up and down and slightly to the sides.  Images flashedacross her face, mostly female. Whenever an observer's attention was brought to the medium's hair there seemed to be a change to the face.


D:             (Observed his features changed to look like Abraham Lincoln which was then confirmed and he agreed to take questions).


Question:              Have you reincarnated since being Abraham Lincoln.


I can't recall if I have been back.


Comment:            Do you see the diversity in American now and seen how it has moved forward since welcoming so many to its land.  There is so much more knowledge now and spiritual awareness.


This is true.  There is more knowledge, more spiritual awareness.  There are people that are working for the light in that country,  Many of them, but they shine a light in the corner and disturb the rats.


Question:              Did you purposefully choose to be president or did circumstances make it so that you could be?


It was sure written in the stars that it was a possibility.   I can't say whether I decided beforehand but it seemed an important thing to do.  It seemed a special path.  So I was aware of that from the off.  And no, I didn't plan to go at that time.  That man was an idiot.


Comment:            So you never got to see the end of the play!


It wasn't a good play anyway.  Just doing my duty.


Question:              The young English medium who sat for you gave you a lot of insights at the time but perhaps circumstances were out of your control, so there was nothing you could do?


I think that is right.  And it should be said that those that formed the early States and formed the Constitution were in touch with spirit and guided by the usual band of Brothers.


Question:              Guided unknowingly?


No, not unknowingly.  They might deny it, but not unknowingly.


Comment:            We are very pleased that at last you have spoken.  We have seen you many times with many of our mediums in this establishment.  We hope you will come again and speak.


Well this was a surprise and you bet it was a surprise for the medium.


D:             Just before you mentioned is name I got an impression of him.  It was extraordinary.

Lunchtime Channelling on Monday 8th June 2015

On Monday afternoons we hold a circle for developing Trance Mediums and invite their guides to share wisdom. Sharing sage advice recently expressed at Clearly Destiny. Enjoy!

(Initials indicate the first letter of our student's name to denote their guides.)


Patience is the key.  Being non-judgemental.  In present at all times.  Seeing oneself through the eyes of other beings.  Help is there at all times.  Just ask and it is given.


Healers heal thine selves.  Use kind and loving words to yourselves first and foremost.  Be gentle.  Everything happens in its own good time.  There is no race there is rush, there is just now.  Believe in and enjoy the beautiful now.


People are becoming aware of the changes in this earth plane.  There are being of light that are touching the earth.  We need to be aware.  Our hearts, our souls will be touched, but there is a need to be protected.  We would not want people to be harmed.  My heart is overcome. 


Life is a precious gift and it should not be wasted.  This time on earth is for learning, for experiencing and for spreading joy and love.  It is of utmost importance that your time here is not wasted on negative, but to see the love and the positive of everything that surrounds you.  Use your energy to lift the vibrations of others.  You are more powerful than you know.


We have several things to share.  We want you to know that you can assist your earthly body in the transition by helping to remove the darkness and the debris that lives in your physical body  - memories of pain, of illnesses, energies of others.  Simply ask to see the shadows within your body and set the intention to remove that shadow or shadows with the intention that it is transmuted and sent where it needs to go within your body for healing.  As you clear these shadowed energies you allow for the light to increase within your physical and spiritual body.  Holding the light will make you feel more vulnerable but know you are protected.  Keep this knowledge first and foremost because human fear is the pathway to lower energies trying to dissuade you.  Hold love stronger than fear.  Hold it in your minds and in your body so brilliantly until there is no room for shadows.  Ask for help if you find your immune weakened and your body more susceptible.


I like your fun natures and your fun energies.  Continue to be like children every day. The more you can raise your inner child and have fun and belly laughs the better.  Continue not to take yourselves too seriously.  We angels are fun.  We can heavy duty when we have to but we are about love and light after all.  You are all gifted teachers.  I am Michael.  You can always ask me to clear any rooms any time , I do it anyway but sometimes I like to get the praise.  I am handsome after all.  Confidence is something I give you all.  i ask you to call on me when you need extra confidence.  I am protecting your families and I am helping them to adjust to the new energies that are changing - new energies.  I love a party.  Play music more in between your readings.  Play your music, have a dance.  Bob Marley - One Love.  That is a song.  We angels are here to help all you humans in every aspect of your lives.  Nothing is too big or small.  We are here to give service - no more, no less.  You are all going to travel and see more of the world.  This is just the starting ground.  Have confidence in your abilities.  Be open to more ways of being and doing.  Many of the energies you work with want to work differently.  Some want to move about.  Some want to sing - let them sing.  You are protecting this sacred space and it brings us great joy to see you all on your path.  This is a path that is smooth and straight.  I bid you well.


I wanted to talk about the vessel that you walk with on this earth and how you have the opportunity to take care and when I say that i mean to nourish it and give it plenty of rest to love it.  It is vitally important that you resonate with the joy that is at your fingertips.  So love yourself as you love each other.  Our connection with you, if you have a clear, clean vessel, is so much more efficient.


Clear vessel.  Clear mind.  Serenity.  Peace of mind.  Our intake through mouth, eyes, ears, skin, all makes matter.  All makes matter to be as matter is.  As hard as it may be to comprehend at times the things which you put in, make a difference.  Solids, liquids, vapour - so called invisible - so called.  Pay attention, it all adds up. Be aware and awake.  No time to sleep.  No time to sleep.