Elaine Thorpe 2019.jpg

We are pleased to have Trance Medium Elaine Thorpe from Kent together with her wonderful guide Jonathan Hunter with us again. Elaine began to embrace her gift in her late 30’s and through regularly attending a development circle met Jonathan, her guide.  Together they gradually grew closer and now work doing wonderful spiritual work.  Jonathan lovingly guides Elaine and gives positive advice to people helping them in their personal life as well as proving there is an afterlife with messages from loved ones.  Jonathan speaks with his own voice through Elaine and welcomes questions from the audience on any situation personal or universal. (If you have a question about something personal, or something you have read, heard or experienced, please write it out so that is clear and can be read out clearly.)

On Saturday 26th October Elaine ( and Jonathan ) will be giving private readings in the afternoon between 2.30pm and 5.00pm and cost £30. At 6.00pm there will be a demonstration cost £25.

These events are both pre-bookable. Payment is due on booking.