We are a friendly spiritual centre in the heart of London.

Clearly Destiny is a haven for anyone seeking insight from a higher source or looking to answer a spiritual calling.


Spiritual Consultants Lindsley and Tracey, along with their team of Light Workers, offer a variety of services, workshops and events at their spiritual centre. Personal readings, spiritual healing therapies, development circles and Spirit-based education are available Monday to Saturday.

It is our mission to help people embrace their gifts and raise their vibration to its full potential. Clearly Destiny is home to Light Workers developing their intuition and healing in order to fulfill their life’s purpose. Welcome home.
— Lindsley and Tracey


Lindsey and Tracey share their natural abilities, enhanced by decades worth of experience.

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Clearly Destiny is just a 3 minute walk from Euston Station. Call 020 7387 0358 to book a service.

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