Spiritual consultants

Our Light Workers are Spiritual Consultants whose natural abilities have been furthered nurtured and developed here at Clearly Destiny as well as by acclaimed institutions throughout the UK.

Ann-Marie Spittle

Ann-Marie is a Trance Medium and an accredited healer, who has helped people and animals to heal by the use of her inherent gifts. She works with various beings from the Angelic, Earth and other realms and dimensions to help clients heal themselves. Ann-Marie also runs workshops on Angelic Beings, Elementals, use of the various Divine flames, as well as protection and clearing of spaces with Ascended Masters and Beings of Light. She has recently become an Angelic Reiki Master and runs accredited courses at Clearly Destiny,

Available Sessions: Trance Mediumship Readings, Ancestral and Multi-Dimensional Healing, Cord Removal, Energy Body Healing and Realignment, Space Clearing. Additional Specialities: 

  • Facilitation of shifting a situation that is blocking the client’s development

  • Raising client's energy to their next level of development

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Colin is a Tarot reader, Medium and Holy Fire Reiki Master. He trained at the College of Psychic Studies in Tarot, Mental Mediumship and Reiki Healing. He has also developed in Trance and Angelic Mediumship.

Colin now works with Tarot as a healing modality, empowering clients to understand and transcend life challenges.

Available Sessions: Tarot Reading, Mediumship Reading, Holy Fire Reiki Healing.

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Liesl Duffy

liesl duffy

Liesl is a Psychic Medium who comes from a long line of Celtic Mediums. Her natural gifts have been further enhanced through studying aromatherapy, Spiritual Healing, angels and ascended masters. She has trained at the College of Psychic Studies in London and the Arthur Findley College in Stansted.

Additionally, Liesl writes on spiritual matters and channels messages from angels, guides and ascended masters. She is intuitively linked to angels and elementals, channelling messages that are clear, loving and relevant. She also runs Angelic Mediumship at Clearly Destiny.

Available Sessions: Angelic Readings, Messages from Guides and Ascended Masters, Psychic Readings.


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Maggie is an Intuitive, someone who sees, feels and knows deeply.
'Sometimes we get lost within ourselves and can’t seem to find a way out, I offer to help connect you back with yourself my sessions can be healing, empowering and enlightening, I want you to know that you will leave with renewed clarity and feeling good about yourself, the power is in your hands, I’m here to remind you of your light.'
Available sessions: , Shamanic Healing and a variety of Workshops


Lindsley and Tracey mentor the Spiritual Consultants at Clearly Destiny and are active Light Workers themselves. Please visit Biographies to learn more about our founders.