Physical Mediumship


Physical mediumship is the gift of manifesting the Spirit world using ectoplasmic matter from within the medium. Phenomena is created in a variety of ways - materialisation, transfiguration,  apports (solid objects brought by Spirit as gifts to sitters), and moving and levitating objects within the seance room.

Modern day Spiritualism is accredited to the Fox sisters of Hydesville, New York who in 1848 heard rapping and knocking from a discarnate Spirit who had reportedly died in their basement, long before they moved there.

The Victorians were very prevalent in using physical mediumship in their parlours, with table tipping and cabinet work being most popular.

The most famous physical medium of the 20th century was a lady called Helen Duncan who materialised loved ones at seances during the second world war.  There were other well known physical mediums such as Leslie Flint who had the gift of direct voice (Spirit creates an ectoplasmic voice box to speak through).

Nowadays, with mediumship as a whole being more accepted, physical mediumship is now again on the rise.  We have had the pleasure of observing Gordon Garforth, a transfiguration medium (Spirit creates an ectoplasmic face mask), Bill Meadows, Jo Bradley, Scott Milligan and David Thompson, who are bringing their gifts to the wider public.  There are also many small private circles regularly producing Spirit phenomena.

circle of light: Physical Mediumship at Clearly Destiny

Physical Medium Tracey Hood has been sitting in the cabinet for two years. In this brief period of time her circle has witnessed and recorded the appearance of ectoplasm, photoplasm, orbs, energies of loved ones in Spirit and the scent of flowers. During these closed weekly seances, members of Tracey's home circle, the "Circle of Light", have heard direct voice (from a voice-box), have had their arms and hands manipulated by Spirit and have felt gentle touches from energies from the spirit world. These seances have also provided healing for individuals in attendances as well as for souls stuck on the earth plane, transitioning into the Light.



Tracey Hood's demonstrations of physical mediumship are currently closed to the public.