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The Introduction to Laughter Yoga with “That Laughter Guy – Arran Morrison

Can you remember the last time you REALLY laughed?

How did you feel?  My guess is you felt great! 

Wouldn't it be wonderful to feel like that more often?  Of course.

Practicing Laughter Yoga can help you to tap into that feeling of wellbeing more often.  It's a great way to remain healthy, happy, more confident, less stressed and more compassionate!  It improves your connection with those around you but most of all, it is great FUN!

Using Laughter Yoga techniques regularly can help you achieve amazing transformative results in your health and happiness.  In this introductory course, we'll share those techniques to help you make laughter a part of your daily life.

Because laughter truly is the BEST medicine....

*We have special pricing for multiple bookings, so gather your friends, and share the laughter!