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Arcturian Gathering to Honour The Body, Part 2 with Adargoma

£25 or early bird offer of £20 if paid by 1st November. Concessions available.

This is the second part of a 3 part gathering to introduce that work of integrating the Mind, the Body and the Spirit.  
Your body carries you from the moment you are born and throughout your life, you put your body through the most difficult experiences.  Some spiritual practices teach that the  your body is a vessel or a vehicle for the Soul and some even say that it's a cage for your Soul and  your senses are there to distract you. 
Your body is the physical representation of your Soul .
Just as your Mind is the mental representation of your Soul, your body is the physical one. The Body also has an intelligence and it's communicating with you all the time. 
When you start honouring your Body, you will also start gaining a deeper knowledge of your Soul at a physical level. Dis-eases and imbalances are ways for your Body to communicate with you and your Soul to learn lessons such as self-love and self-worthy.
This gathering will explore the Body as an expression of your Soul and teach you ways of honouring and integrating your Body as part of your spiritual practice.