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Light Workers Module 9: Space Clearing

With the continualshift in energy to the fifth dimension it is important for those who want to use their gifts effectively to be able to build their strength to hold the Light and stay focussed on their purpose.  Where there is light there is dark and as you embrace your Spiritual path there will be those who will seek to darken your Light using many different methods.  We offer a sequence of modular events that are stand alone but also build on each other through practical activities that will show you how to keep yourself vibrant and strong and be able to build your energy to hold the Light when you are about your daily purpose.  
Each module is stand alone but the sequence gives an opportunity to build on each successive learning.  Tutors are available by email to discuss all or part of the course.

Module 9 -  Space Clearing
Saturday 28th   1- 3pm£20

In this workshop you will set up the practice of clearing your living and work spaces by removing an energetic disturbances, then grounding and protection the dwellings.  Working with a pendulum, as well as a variety of methods, you will learn how to identify and cleanse energy in person and via remote view.

Bring a drawnlayout of your home that is fairly to scale and identifies the rooms, doors, fireplaces,  void spaces, windows locations and areas where mirrors are placed.  Pendulums are available to use if you do not own one.