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Introduction to the Principles of Dowsing with Greg Pain

 £20, 1 child comes free if accompanied by an adult. Additional children £7.

Starting off with a slideshow that will explain the principles of dowsing, followed by a practical session in making your own dowsing rods and then checking  for YES and NO responses from your rods.   A further slide show explains how the dowsing principles and methods are used in the landscape. 

Then it's off to Hampstead Heath for more practical work to use your rods on grids or ley lines on the Heath.  Bring water and a snack and appropriate shoes.  Travel by 168 bus from Euston to Hampstead.  Please ensure Oyster cards are topped up for the journey.   Bring tape measure and compass if you have them, although Greg will have some to loan out.

Greg Pain is a self taught and intuitive Earth Energy Dowser working in Psychic Questing and landscape healing since the early nineties.  Other areas of interest are in healing via Reiki  and also landscape healing at battlefield sites so there has been experience in all four of the dowsing worlds Special Interest Group areas of study. His recent guidance towards the realms of Spirit Release and soul fragment recovery is where the interest in dowsing overlaps with the interests of Spiritualism.