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An Esoteric Seminar by The Cathar Association

£5 suggested donation


·       The Knighthood of the Holy Grail

·       Hyperborean Astrology

·       The Mystery of Mary Magdalene

·       Catharism in the 21st Century

Blessed John

During the time of King Arthur, the Holy Grail was kept in Camelot. The whole world was nourished by the grace of the sacred chalice during Celtic times, when England was a Garden of Paradise and holy Albion was a beautiful oasis of peace and imaginable beauty. The people were an immaculate race, living deities with a noble spirit who lived harmoniously with nature and each other. Albion, the ancient name for Britain, means white-- a symbol for purity. This higher dimension is returning again now, in accordance with Cathar prophecy that 'the laurel will become green again in seven hundred years', which means that Cathar spirituality will restore true prosperity, health and happiness to our impoverished lands.

The Cathar Association represents an international spiritual movement led by John of the Holy Grail. His task is to prepare a new divine civilization that will accept a solar spirituality which will shine a new light in the inner temples of all people. He has access to the Golden Scrolls of the Solar Logos which will emancipate humanity from the bonds of slavery. This talk will be presented by experienced Cathar guides and his closest disciples.

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