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Activation of the Arcturian Circuit of Light with Ardagoma

£30  (£25 if booked and paid for by Saturday 23rd May)

Maximum of 10 people.

“Transmute and Dance to the Sound of Universe”

Arcturians are 7th dimensional beings come from the star Arcturus. They are Master Healers and Technologists. They have long served as guardians of Earth. They long to assist our earthly spiritual development and move us into the 5th dimension and expand our spiritual understanding.

Arcturians are 7th Dimensional beings that are evolving towards the 8th Dimension and are able to connect to the 9th Dimension. Because they are so highly evolved, the time-space continuum does not exist in their plane including most of the physical laws of our dimension. During their evolution, they have mastered the use of sound for healing and transformation. Sound is for them as sacred as Light.

Sound carries information as Light does too. The common view is that sound and light are separated but the reality is that they are closer than we think. Sound wraps around Light and they are both inter-connected carrying information.

The sacred sites around the planet have information stored within them. In the same way, you have information stored within your body. When you work with sound, the information stored within your body will unlock and become available to you. You will start remembering what you already knew but forgot as you entered this dimension.

During this workshop you will receive the Arcturian initiation to create the Circuit of Light. It creates a connection from the Crown Chakra, through the Bindu Chakra to the Throat Chakra. This circuit will allow you to channel Arcturian sounds with clarity and without interference. You will use your voice to manifest those sounds to bring healing and transformation.

The circuit will not interfere with any other Energy work that you may do. The Arcturians are highly evolved and benevolent beings and have learned to work with other energies in harmony.