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Arcturian Gathering with Ardagoma

Cost £20 with an early bird rate of £15 if booked by 22nd August.

Time to explore and play with the Arcturians and their beautiful energy. Experience the Arcturian energy, learn and practice self-healing with the Arcturians and practice the Arcturian crystal meditation to communicate with crystal and unlock all the wonderful information they posses about your journey.


You need to have received the Arcturian initiation. This initiation activates the Arcturian Circuit of Light. This circuit creates a connection from the Crown Chakra, through the Bindu Chakra to the Throat Chakra. This circuit will allow you to channel Arcturian sounds with clarity and without interference. You will use your voice to manifest those sounds to bring healing and transformation.

The circuit will not interfere with any other Energy work that you may do. The Arcturians are highly evolved and benevolent beings and have learned to work with other energies in Harmony.

If you haven’t received the initiation before, you can receive it in the evening of the gathering.

“Our wish is to share the Arcturian Healing with you. We wish to re-activate what has been lost or forgotten to help you evolve and reach your full potential. Just remember your full potential is limitless! You are the one creating these limits but you are also the one removing them.



 - We, the Arcturians


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