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Belinda Grace and Rose Inserra ‘You are Clairvoyant and What your dreams mean'

Book launch, Free entry

Belinda Grace - ‘You are Clairvoyant’

Belinda Grace will channel a personal message for you from one of your Angels or Guides and write it in your book with any product purchase you make on the night.

Everyone is naturally intuitive and even clairvoyant. This is an innate gift that you can develop. In this inspiring presentation Belinda Grace will show you how to connect more clearly and share simple methods to help you trust your own inner guidance more easily.

As a child Belinda Grace had no idea that she was intuitive or clairvoyant. Her first career in the fashion industry lead to struggles with depression and chronic fatigue that compelled her to find another way.

If you have always felt that ‘there must be more’ then you are right! Developing your intuition and clairvoyance is the key to a happy and fulfilling life.

Rose Inserra - 'What Your Dreams Mean'

Rose Inserra will guide you through a magical session on the symbolic world of dreams. Learn how to interpret the most common dreams, from flying and being naked to losing your teeth.


Shed light on your inner world of fears, anxieties, repressed emotions, blocked creativity, grief and loss, health and spiritual wellbeing, and learn to integrate dream messages into your waking life. Come on a compelling journey through the subconscious and rediscover the language of dreams through intuition and modern science.


‘Follow your dreams’ is not just a throw-away line – it is a life altering truth you can make happen.