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Evening of Transfiguration with Gordon Garforth


Gordon’s spirit team use ectoplasm to elongate his hands and fingers and to create a mask across his face.  Why?  So that loved ones can impress their likeness over it.  Once recognised by an individual in the audience there can be an opportunity to speak with the loved one.  Gordon’s healing team also come forward for a short while offering healing to individuals.   We have had the privilege of welcoming Harry Edwards – his demeanour and speech could not be refuted.  Also part of the team is Dierdre a delightful Liverpuddlian barmaid and Irishman Michael who likes to get us singing.  Places are strictly offered to those who are seriously spiritual minded, with experience of sitting in circle and are looking to witness spirit diversity at its best.  Again, bring your own tissues!  Red light conditions apply.