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SOLD OUT Develop Your Psychic Awareness with Judy Hall: Day 1

Clearly Destiny is pleased to present a 3 part psychic development course with Judy Hall.

Each event is £80 or £200 if paid by 1st March 2016. (2 payments of £100 would be acceptable)

Develop your psychic awareness with Judy Hall

This intensive course is designed to widen your perceptions, hone your inner guidance and help you to be in touch with unseen dimensions. Judy Hall draws on more than forty-fives years teaching psychic development – and a lifetime of being psychic herself – to help you develop your psychic sensitivity and spiritual awareness. Judy will help you to identify how your inner knowing communicates with you and to develop your innate psychic abilities into highly skilled, reliable tools. She will take you into the guidance and psychic connections that go beyond this world, journeying to reading the cosmic memory bank and connecting to higher beings. Drawing on Judy’s many years as a psychic, soul retriever and past life regression therapist, this practical course helps you to avoid the pitfalls of the psychic path and to successfully navigate challenging psychic situations. We will, of course, be assisted by appropriate crystals on this psychic journey. As part of the course, you will be keeping a psychic journal so please ensure you have a book and pen with you and are prepared to put the tools and insights to work from day to day. Self-monitoring and assessment will be an essential part of the course. It is necessary to commit to taking all three parts of the course.

Day 1: Belt and braces    Saturday 30th April 10 – 5pm

If you are not fully grounded, you cannot be truly psychic. You will pick up misdirection and  wishful thinking rather than making a solid connection to higher guidance. Similarly, unless you bypass the realms closest to earth, you’ll only work at a very low psychic level with misguided or mischievous communicators. Equally you need to recognise and be protected from low psychic entities. So, the course will start with essential grounding and protection and creating a communication interface. We will then establish exactly how you are going to receive psychic communication. Finishing the day with connection to your personal mentor.

Day 2: Embodying the psychic self   Saturday 2nd July 10 – 5pm

Your body has much to tell you if only you listen. So we begin by strengthening bodily awareness and accessing emotional intuition. Auras and higher chakras will be unlocked and attuned to expanded consciousness - and to deep internal awareness of the Earth. We will open the inner ear and unseal the inner eye, learning to interpret signs and signals in the everyday world and using tools to enhance our perception at every level.

Day 3: Honing your psychic perception   Saturday 10th September 10 - 5pm

Knowing what to do if things go wrong gives you the confidence to explore other dimensions. So we will learn how to move lost or malicious souls to a safe haven, and then learn how to safely journey out of your body and visit other dimensions – and return. We will include reading the Akashic Record through the causal vortex chakra. And then put our new skills to the test.

Earlier Event: 29 April
Evening of Clairvoyance