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Introduction to the Akashic Records with Lulu Kumari


Akasha is the fifth element, an ethereal field that is like a matrix and holds collective knowledge.  A psychic can access the records but understanding the records requires spiritual intuition and integrity.  In this workshop we will focus on the akashic records of the group and energy imprints of the 20th century events.  As it will be spiritual/psychic and interactive it is not for beginners.  

Lulu comes from a family of spiritual teachers whose lineage stretches back to the Himalayas where the original ashram is still visited on pilgrimage.   Lulu is from London and is an initiate of the College of Psychic Studies since 1993.  She does Soul/Psychic readings, works with the akashic records, karmic contracts and the spiritual soul of the client. Healing /balancing and protection of the energy field is encorporated into the work. Lulu teaches Spiritual/ psychic development and integrates esoteric/spiritual law. Her passion is Ancient Egypt, Psychic astrology and Stellar Space.