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Healing Grids and Multi-dimentional Pathways of the Earth with Ann-Marie


Now is the time to help Gaia heal herself faster so that you and she can ascend to the next level of existence for this planet. Clearing old energies and reconnecting to ancient energetic pathways that were broken due to the failure to upkeep the structures that provided the power for these lines of energy will aid her in her future ascension.

Join Ann-Marie to learn how to connect to the different energetic vibrations of the earth, how to heal the energetic grids lines held there to the cellular level of yourself and the planet, and how to ground through these dimensions.

You will also be connecting to various elemental and spiritual beings and learn how to reconnect the energy grids of the earth to other areas of the grid on a multi-dimensional level and become part of the planets energy battery pathways to help shift stuck energies.

Required protection and clearing methods will also be passed on due to the need of being in a safe, secure place, when doing this work.

Please bring a light Lunch and a waterproof coat in case of wet weather as we will be going into the garden of the shop for some of the work.