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Attune to the Violet Flame and 14th Chakra with Ann-Marie


The Violet flame has been brought into the world by the Ascended Master St Germaine to help people of all levels clear themselves of negative or unwanted energies. This workshop will attune you to this flame and also connect you to the 14th chakra via an initiation channelled by Edwin Courtenay and facilitated by Ann-Marie and the Archangels of the violet flame.

 You will also be shown how to use this flame in everyday life and for clearing your energy and home, and to remove blockages in your life that have been stopping you from moving ahead on your path.

 All participants will receive a mandala of the violet flame 14th chakra, its patrons and the Archangels and energies associated with it.

 Please bring a crystal or pendulum you would like to be energised with the violet flame energy or you can buy one before the workshop.


Earlier Event: 3 June
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