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Explore Channelling with Katrina

£20 (concessions available on request)


Channelling is about building and having trust in your guides and allowing them to use your vocabulary to talk about spirit philosophy, offer guidance and help you to understand your gift and how best to use it as well strengthen your connection to your guide and your spirit collective.


Spirit always speak the truth and needs many mediums to carry their words to mankind.   Spirit use many ways to communicate. By speaking directly their words cannot be misinterpreted, diluted or changed.

How many times in the middle of giving a message have you mistrusted what you heard and not given that particular piece of information that afterwards turns out to be true evidence?  How many times have you been talking to someone and meaningful words have tumbled out of your mouth and you have known it wasn't you saying them?  This is just two examples that can be overcome when we blend that much closer to our guides and speak with one voice.

Participants must have sat in development circle and know how to ground, open and protect.  Spaces limited to 6 people.