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Certified Spiritual Healing Course


Begins Saturday and Sunday 14th and 15th January

Everybody can heal. Anyone that listens to the troubles of another, anyone that makes someone else feel better just by their presence, anyone who expresses empathy with another, anyone who can make someone laugh, heals.

Anyone can become a healer. All it takes is a desire to what to help others and allowing yourself to be used a clear channel for healing to flow through.

Most spiritual healers come from a background of being involved in some form of spiritual development and feels drawn to expanding their gifts to include healing. Healers will have already connected to their guide and spirit collective as part of their development.

Make a difference in the world by becoming a fully accredited healer. Our healing course will enable you to explore a range of different techniques to promote well-being, health and healing, culminating with you becoming a certified healer.

Earlier Event: 14 January
Certified Spiritual Healing Course
Later Event: 16 January
Healing Share £10