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Energy Wellness 101 with Kristin


Achieving and maintaining health involves a holistic awareness of the mind, body and spirit connection. Although we may understand the importance of diet and exercise, we often overlook how energy impacts our life force. Pollution, sickness and disease, chemotherapy and radiation, low vibrational emotions (anger, sadness, fear, jealousy) and even spirit energy can weaken our immune system and compromise our health.

Empaths, Healers, Mediums and anyone who works intuitively are particularly susceptible to absorbing energy that may not belong to them. In this workshop we will be discussing subtle body systems (chakras, auric field) and learning best practices for clearing, protecting and maintaining energetic health.

Earlier Event: 25 November
Intuition Empowerment for all with Kristin
Later Event: 28 November
Foundation Mediumship with Colin Clarke