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Empower Yourself in 2017 with Astrology with Veronica Nelson Dodds


        Gain the self-knowledge and self-acceptance needed to have the life you want.

·       Make decisions from a point of power not fear.

·       Open the Gateway to a rewarding life with good relationships and prosperity.


What is Astrology? 


The true art and science of Astrology is a deep and mystical practice which existed thousands of years ago. Astrology is a tool for psychological and spiritual growth which can also act as a map which enables us to have self-knowledge, appreciate the differences in others, and to understand our emotional make up.  It can give us a sense of purpose and describe our connection with our transpersonal self and universal consciousness.  It’s potential for healing, diagnosis and guide to recovery is huge.

You will become aware of the aspects of yourself that you were previously unaware of.  Learn how to channel these energies in a way which enhances your life and makes you the ‘driver’ of your life, rather than the ‘passenger’.  You can create the reality which you want for yourself.  If you change your energy and the way that you think your life will change for the better.

At particular times there are certain aspects of our lives which require more attention than others.  There are times in our lives which are more fertile than others for forward movement and there are other periods in our lives where we may feel stuck, unware that on a much deeper level change is taking place.  The deeper the transformation, the longer it takes.  We can come to see that circumstances which we may find difficult, are indeed great gifts and opportunities if used in the right way.

Earlier Event: February 1
Trance and Channelling all levels £72
Later Event: February 6
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