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Working with the Archangels Part 1 & 2 with Ann-Marie

 Archangels are the bridge between humanity and the Divine. Often acting as intermediaries between them and their requests to higher beings.

Join Ann-Marie to meet and work with various Archangels and learn how these beings can help you with healing others and yourself, calm a group situation, protect yourself and others and much more.

Part 1

Meet Archangel Michael too learn about protecting yourself, an Archangel attunement to the violet flame, Archangel attunement to connect to their energies, clearing personal issues, Metaron cube and Archangel Hopponnapona

(This workshop requires Archangel Prayers beads at the price of £15).

Part 2

Receive the Archangel Violet Flame attunement, and heal a weary heart or soul for self and others. Use the rainbow ray for group problems. Gaining information on a situation and the Green Ray healing with Archangel Raphael and Archangel Hopponnapona.

(This workshop requires Archangel Prayers beads at the price of £15)

Both workshops together and beads total £65.

The workshops can also be taken individually.