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We will set off at 9am sharp from Clearly Destiny and travel down to Wiltshire to visit Avebury for the day. There are places to eat in the village and lots of open space to have a picnic. You can visit the Alexander Keiller Museum which houses many archaeological treasures and Avebury Manor which depicts the lives of people who lived in it. (Entrance fees apply.)

Walk around the whole circle and stop to touch the stones and feel their vibration. There is a group of trees within the circle that have wonderful roots running across the top of the ground. Hug one of the trees and ask it questions – see what it says to you.

You can purchase some wonderful mementoes of your visit from local shops. About Avebury: Around 4,500 years ago, Avebury almost certainly was the Neolithic equivalent of a city. Avebury was already several centuries old before the Romans arrived. This Henge with its enormous ditch, bank, stones and avenues is close to Silbury Hill which is the largest man-made mound and the two largest surviving long barrows of West Kennet and East Kennet. Many crop circles have appeared around the area.