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Intuition Empowerment for all with Kristin Bredimus


Steve Jobs called it, “More powerful than intellect.”

Author Sophie Burnham says, “It’s different from thinking, it’s different from logic or analysis ... It’s a knowing without knowing.”

Intuition is a critical part of how we interact with others, with our environment, how we make decisions. Intuition is an integral part of our psyche. It’s that gut feeling, that hunch.


This workshop will give you pointers and practice to use to bring your intuition into your everyday life so that you can navigate through situations, decision making, and dealing with people on a win-win basis.

* QUIET TIME TO THINK to bring all the resources of our brain into action

* CREATIVITY in day to day activities and specific activities

* MINDFUL MEDITATION will help filter out mental chatter

* OBSERVATION of the little things that happen, like synchronicity, co-incidence.

* LISTENING TO THE BODY especially the ‘gut feeling’ that tells you when something is not quite right.

* CONNECTING WITH OTHERS, with their emotions and body language

* PAY ATTENTION TO DREAMS as this is the mind’s unconscious thinking processes that can provide answers or influences.

* LET GO OF NEGATIVE EMOTIONS as this can cloud our intuition and lead to making poor decisions.

* ENJOY LEISURE TIME to put into practice all of the above.


*Book with Energy Wellness, for special price of £50*

Later Event: 12 June
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