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Chakra Course with Colin Clarke

Tuesday 6th June – 27th 11.00am – 12.30pm


Over the course of these four weeks, we will be exploring our own energy systems and how an awareness of them, as well as an awareness of spiritual hygiene, can help us to gain clarity (and extra energy) in our lives.

We begin with an overview; at this point we also learn how to open the chakras individually, and how to close them properly. We learn how each chakra relates to a distinct part of our worldly and spiritual make-up and how to create a bubble of protection around us so we don’t take on the energy of others. We work our way through the chakras, working on each and also learning how to read whether another person’s energy system is blocked, and where.

The information in this course is vital to all those who would find the best way of optimising their energies. In addition, this course acts as a firm foundation for any psychic or mediumship work.