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Divine Feminine 2 Day Workshop Penny King

Saturday 1st July 10-5pm and Sunday 2nd July 10-5pm


Come and explore the channelled sacred sounds of the Divine Feminine

In this 2 day workshop we will be using the Suara Sound Divine Feminine Tuning Forks to focus on our Sacred Divine Feminine. Connect with the sacred Harmonic Vibrations of:

· Pavarti – Hindu Goddess of Love and Devotion

· Laskmi - Goddess of Love and Great Abundance

· Kali - The shadow side of our Divine Feminine Moon

· Celestial Goddess - Moods, Emotions

· Venus – Celestial Goddess - Love, Harmony, Beauty, Sensuality

· ISIS – Goddess of Motherhood and her Nine Veils of Life

We will look to release any past life imprints, karmic blocks or ancestral memory patterns that may be holding us back to embrace our authentic Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine tuning forks will aid us in stepping forth into our own feminine confidence, self-esteem and gentle power. Clearing, cleansing and balancing the Divine Feminine within. Tuning forks can be purchased on the day at the end of the workshop for your personal use.

Change your Vibration Change your Life

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