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Light Workers are the Mediums and Healers of the future

 Free Event

As the ascension of the planet begins, light workers need to step into their magnificence in a variety of different ways. Are you a light worker or potential light worker? Do you want to live in the flow of abundance, the Universe, the Oneness and the Divine?

• If you know you have a need to do something but not quite sure what

• If you know you are different to those around you

• If you feel you can’t talk about things because others will think you have lost the plot

Then the chances are, you are a light worker who needs clarity, understanding and reassurance that you have not lost the plot. But most of all you need to know there are many people just like you.

Clearly Destiny is a centre for light workers offering information, support and an opportunity to meet and be with like-minded people. At this gathering you can share your feelings, experience and ask questions. At the beginning of the event a channelled message will be given by someone.