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Taster Workshops and Accredited Courses Weekend

Come and join us for a weekend of Taster workshops and Accredited courses that are being held at Clearly Destiny in 2018

Saturday 13th January 11.00am -3.30pm

Sunday 14th January 11.00- 12.30pm

All 30 min sessions are £5 and anything booked and paid for on the day is deducted from the full price.


Saturday 13th

11.00am – Mental Mediumship with Tracey Hood and Colin Clarke.

Experience Grounding and Protecting, Opening and closing your Chakras, your Aura and how to connect to the Spirit world.

11.30am – Tarot with Tracey Hood and Colin Clarke.

Learn the meanings of selected Major Arcana cards from the Rider Waite Deck and how to formulate a small reading.

12.00 noon - Trance and Channelling with Lindsley Cash and Ann- Marie Spittle.

Deepen your relationship with your Guides, allowing them to blend with your energy for communication.

12.30pm – Angelic Mediumship with Liesl Duffy

Experience the Healing Energy of these Divine Beings and learn how to connect to them.

1.00pm – Lunch

1.30pm – Angelic Series with Ann- Marie Spittle and Liesl Duffy

Introducing you to Arch-Angels and how they can work with you.

2.00pm – Egyptian Series with Ann-Marie

Connect with Egyptian Gods and experience their energy and power

2.30pm – Enochian Magic with Colin Clarke

Experience the power of the sound of the Enochian energies and integrate this power into your daily magical life, using it to manifest goals.

3.00pm – Questions and Answers


Sunday 14th

11.00am - Spiritual Healing Course with Ann-Marie Spittle

Experience Spiritual Healing and discover how to be a channel for Spirit

11.30am – Holy Fire Reiki with Colin Clarke

Holy Fire is the ‘New Reiki ‘

Holy Fire energy is noticeably more refined and comes from a higher level of consciousness. Discover the differences in vibration as you are healing.

12.00 noon- Angelic Reiki with Ann-Marie Spittle

Connect with the Angelic Realm for this form of healing and enjoy the vibration.

Later Event: 15 January
An Audience with Shobnam