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Trance and Channelling

Intermediate Channelling with Lindsley

Wednesday 3rd-31st 2.00-3.30pm £50


During this course, mediums are handed back to No 1 guide to continue development whilst the facilitators hold the energy within the room and ensures the safety of mediums whilst they continue to expand and develop their channelling gift under the responsibility of No1 guide who may allow other energies to communicate through the medium.  This course may be repeated for some students until the facilitators feel they have reach advance level.  Classes are recorded and transcribed for students so they can see their progression. Payment plans available.


Advanced Trance and Channelling with Lindsley and Tracey

Wednesday 3rd 7.30pm-9.00pm

10th – 31st 7.00pm-8.30pm £50


Students will continue developing their gift with the purpose of bringing forward information to share with a wider audience.  Students will work in a cabinet in red light conditions.  Opportunities for students and their communicators to speak to a public audience will be encouraged.  Classes are recorded and transcribed for students. Payment plans available.