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Working with the Silver Violet Flame with Ann-Marie


Join Ann-Marie and Lady Portia to receive an attunements of the Silver Violet Flame to receive the higher vibrational combination of the Silver ray of Grace, which will allow you to transmute and transcend lower vibrations, in all their forms, for yourself and others. You will carry out mediations to learn how to reprogram old belief systems, join your Mind, Universal Heart and solar plexus so that their energy flows from compassion and not fear, and reclaim your feminine power of creativity and strength in peace.

Lady Portia was also Morgan Le Fay the High Priestess of Avalon. As part of this workshop you will also learn how to access Avalon, wherever you are, for information and guidance in your everyday life.

Earlier Event: March 3
Ancestral Healing with Ann-Marie
Later Event: March 5
An Audience with Shobnam