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Enochian Magic with Colin

Thursday 28th June, 5th and 12th July 2.00pm-3.30pm


In the 16th century, Dr John Dee and the scryer Edward Kelley embarked on a series of communications with an angel who called himself “Ave”. Enochian Angel Magick is a system of working with the angels in which we actually communicate with those beings in their own language, commonly called “Enochian”. Angelic language has its own alphabet and script: there are also a number of Enochian Calls through which we can evoke the energies of these angels.


In this course, you will be introduced to the history of the “angelickals,” to Dee and Kelley’s unfinished work and to working systems that have been extrapolated from those writings by the Golden Dawn and, more recently, by the likes of Jason Augustus Newcomb. You will be able to attune to these angelic energies, and to use them in your own magical practice.