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Ascension Lightworkers Course With Lindsley, Tracey and Ann-Marie


Thursday 17th October to Thursday 21st November

This 8 module course supports and builds confidence in all aspects of lightworker qualities whether you are a medium, healer or holistic therapist.  It is intensive and requires full engagement to explore and experience all potential lightworker activities.  You will work with many beings from different realms to enhance your connection to your teams and the Divine.


·         ENERGY FIELD AND VIBRATION FREQUENCY. Decluttering in all areas of life and mind set of old and unwanted thought forms and practices. 

·         PROTECTION, GROUNDING, ENERGY WELL-BEING, ATTUNEMENT TO THE VIOLET FLAME. Using a technique to ground to the new earth energy and all aspects of themselves in different time lines. 

·         WHO IS SUPPORTING THE DEVELOPMENT. Understanding the relationship and purpose of the Higher Self, the Number One Guide and who, from any other realms is also working with them

·         WORKING WITH THE TEAM.  Experiencing the different vibrations of the guides and spirit collective and engaging with each one.

·         PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.  Maintain the integrity of your vibration and  light quotient.

·         CONTINUING ALONG THE LIGHTWORKER PATH. Reviewing what has been achieved and what needs further focus.  What more can you be?

·         CONTINUING ALONG THE LIGHTWORKER JOURNEY.  Activating the merkaba and manifesting.  Accessing information from Akashic Records.

·         INTRODUCE AND ACTIVATE LIGHT LANGUAGE. Increasing the frequency of vibration and increase the light quotient.  Using the higher frequency in lightworker activities.


Early bird offer of £100 if paid in full by 7th October.  Each module may be paid individually at £20.