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Ancestral Healing with Ann Marie


Ancestral Healing is a very important tool for Lightworkers and Healers at this time of planetary ascension, as a way of clearing the collective consciousness of outmoded belief systems, programmes, and repeated themes.
Repeating patterns have now taken on a new level as Lightworkers and Healers are being called to clear the collective consciousness from these repeating patterns, as well as their own, as part of their mission which requires a more powerful way of clearing such patterns.
Join Ann-Marie to explore why certain themes occur in your life, learn to release yourself from energetic patterns that link you to traumas, and life changing events, of your family and planetary ancestors that repeat throughout your lifetime, and why you have chosen to be one of the beings that are aiding with this process.
Through meditations, energy clearing, and other practices, that are in vibration with the new planet energy, gain a link to the Beings of Light and the Cosmos who are helping with the Planetary ascension to access knowledge that will help you in your future mission.