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Energy Wellbeing starts here with Lindsley and Ann Marie


Students will focus on methods to create an environment at home and in the work place that promotes energy wellbeing at all times.  Their No1 guide or doorkeeper will be invited to provide information through the facilitator on areas to focus on. On a personal level, students will assess their chakra wellbeing and make improvements as appropriate. In the home environment they will focus on clearing stagnant energy using a pendulum and rough layout of their home. The guardian of the home will be invited to give information through the facilitator assist in this activity. 

Attunement to the Violet Flame will enable them to clear their own energy any space in a matter of moments. In the workplace students can create an environment containing positive energy around them that will transmute negative energies around them. Each student will receive a small crystal chakra set plus a protective crystal either for their home or themselves., plus a symbol of the Violet Flame as additional protection for their home and pendulums can be attuned to the Flame as well. They will be confident in being able to set up their own safe space using tools, ideas and information provided to them from a variety of spirit communicators including their own guides.  Resources are provided although students may wish to bring their own pendulum.

No previous experience needed.

(Book for Guides and Guardians as well for £50)